Lion’s Lair Slots

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Play Lion’s Lair Slots

CoolCat Casino offers Lion’s Lair, one of the best slots to play online. Play Lion’s Lair slots online to find the stashed treasure in the Lion’s Lair to win real cash prizes!

Each time a lion substitutes in a winning combination, you win even more. Inside the Lion’s Lair are 12 free spins when you get the Lair on reels 2, 3 or 4. Your prizes multiply two to five times. Each multiplier in Lion’s Lair slots is used to get 4 more free games.

Don’t forget the real hidden treasure of Lion’s Lair slot machine games – the jackpot! No matter what your bid, just playing online Lion’s Lair slots gives you a chance to win the CoolCat Casino jackpot.

How to play Lion’s Lair Slots

Once you enter the Lion’s Lair game, choose the amount of lines you would like to play from 1-20, then select a bet per line amount from $0.01 to $5. Once the amount of lines and the betting amount have been set, press the spin button to start the game. The “Lion” icon serves as a substitute for any other symbol in any winning combination except scattered Lairs. The Lion’s Lair feature is triggered as you get scattered “Lairs” to appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and you may win up to 24 games with multipliers of 2x, 3x and 5x.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to set your betting amount. You can bet as low as $0.01 and as much as $5 per line. Use the up and down buttons to set the amount of lines you wish to play. You can spin the reels by simply pressing the spin button or by pressing the Autoplay button. The Autoplay feature automatically spins the reels a specific amount of times. The Autoplay feature may be stopped at any time by just pressing the stop button.

Your payline rewards get added to the total sum of your winnings in the game.

Your scatter rewards multiply the total stake and is added to your line wins.

Your line wins are multiplied by the bet that you place per payline.

The highest reward in the game of Lion’s Lair online slot is 40,000 times of your per payline bet in every spin.

The free spin feature in the Lion’s Lair online slot cannot be retriggered.

Lion’s Lair Slots Strategy

So how exactly can such an idiom help you devise a strategy to play this wonderful online casino slot called Lion’s Lair. The idiom suggests that we do the things the way Romans do as long as you’re in Rome. Similarly, when in a lion’s lair, do as the lions do!

We all can agree that the lion is the powerful animal and deserves to be the king of the jungle. It’s called the king of the jungle because of its unique and ferocious way of hunting. Given its unique strength, a lion can hunt animals such as the water buffalo that are way too strong than the lion. When hunting, lions use all their strength and agility to attack its prey. Under attack, the prey is terrified and gives up. Use the same strategy to play the Lion’s Lair slot machine. It must be mentioned though that even lions sometimes fail to hunt down their prey; but that never stops them from going for the kill.

As per this online slots strategy, you need to be aggressive. That means when you play the Lion’s Lair online casino slot, go for all the 20 paylines; turn them on and choose from the available denominations of 20¢, 40¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, and $100. Obviously, you have to select a denomination that matches the lion’s spirit in you. Place the bet and click the spin button. Continue playing with the same bet throughout your session. If you win, you have a good enough reason to stick to the same bet. Even if you lose, stick to the same amount of bet and continue spinning like a lion attacking its prey in the wild. The theory of the survival of the fittest must come into play sometime and you will emerge victorious, sooner or later. We wish you a “happy hunting” at the best casino for American players!


The Lion’s Lair is a colorful jungle themed game that features many of the jungle’s animals and of course the king of the jungle – the lion.

In this game too, there is a bonus feature like all other free online casino games by Real Time Gaming. The Lion’s Lair Feature awards 12 free spins upon unlocking the bonus feature of the game.

When the free games are unlocked, the prizes get multiplied manifold.

Prize multipliers of X2, X3, and X5 are displayed at the top of the screen.

Each multiplier is used for four free games and can be used once during each set of 12 free games.

History of Lion’s Lair Slots

Everyone is fascinated by wildlife and more so with the Lion which sports a majestic mane. The habitat of the lion is the Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and of course this exciting online slot, aptly titled Lion’s Lair. It is the male lion which is easily recognized and held in awe, due to the rich mane.

It is not unnatural to pick on the lion theme for a game. Humans have always been in awe of this predator who lives in the jungles. In fact, human beings often use the lion head in art forms like sculptures, paintings, flags, literature and films. In fact even deities and war heroes are names with prefixes or suffixes that translate to ‘lion.’

In this online slots, game it is not just the lion that you come across on the reels. The entire nature in all its wilderness is represented, be it wild flowers or other animals like zebras. Go on, play the game and roar like a lion when you win!


Paylines: The paylines are the predefined patterns. If the reels align themselves in a manner that a paying pattern is formed, you win some money. The detailed patterns and paylines are described in the help section of each game. Different games have different numbers of paylines and your bet gets divided by the number of paylines that you choose to play for each game.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are those that give you some kind of bonus every time they appear on the slots. In Lion’s Lair online slots, the Lion’s Lair is the scatter symbol. Three or more of the Lair symbol can trigger the bonus feature in this game.

Wild Symbol: The Lion symbol is the wild symbol in this online casino slots game. This symbol can substitute all the other symbols to make winning patterns.

Bonus Feature Trigger: The Free Spin Bonus Round game is triggered when three or more Lion’s Lair symbols appear anywhere on the five reels. The bonus feature awards 15 Free Spins.

The Flower symbol: Flowers are in abundance in the Jungle. Here, they improve the aesthetics.

The Tiger Paw symbol: The Lions can be tracked using their footprints.Be sure, where the lion’s paw prints are, the lion’s liar will be nearby too!

The Zebra symbol: The Zebra of course is the one animal that the lion loves to prey on.

The Lioness symbol: You will never find a lion without his lioness. The leader of the pack keeps his female close by.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is randomly announced after the end of a game. Lion’s Lair online slots game has this feature.