It’s a Mystery

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Play It’s a Mystery

Want to solve a mystery and receive a handsome reward in the process? Then join in the hunt for the cold blooded killer in It’s a Mystery. This 5 reel, 25 line slot game gives players the opportunity to sleuth around for generous jackpots and bonuses. With the top slot games and the most exciting new releases, CoolCat Casino offers not only free instant play games but real money versions as well.

CoolCat casino bonuses are unbelievable, and the bonuses available with It’s A Mystery are no exception. You’ll never see anything like our 1000% Bonus Explosion offered at any other casino online. In case that might no satisfy you, there are plenty of regular weekly and monthly promotions as well.

It’s a Mystery has all of the little extras that take a good slot and make it amazing. Choose the amount you want to bet and the number of lines you’d like to play in each spin or watch as the game spins through dozens of spins automatically thanks to the Autoplay function. All you need to do is enjoy any bonus features or rounds and decide what to do with all your winnings.

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How to play It’s a Mystery

While It’s a Mystery works largely the same way any slot game does you can still feel free to use the “Help” feature to get a quick overview of how to play the game.

To get started use the arrows to select the amount that you want to bet as well as how many paylines you’d like to play. There are 25 different lines to choose in this game and your bet will be split evenly among each one. You can bet as little as one cent or as much as a dollar per line. However, if you just want to enter in the bet and paylines and let the game do the rest you can always rely on the handy Autoplay feature. This will keep the reels spinning until you stumble on the bonus features that will reveal more of the mystery.

As you play you’ll probably encounter scatter symbols in the form of the It’s a Mystery Logo. The payout of the scatter wins are added to each winning line and multiplied by the total bet.


These are some of the rules which are used for the It’s a Mystery game.

  • It’s A Mystery offers 25 paylines. This allows the player to win on more than one line at a time per spin.
  • The total win is the combined amount of the winning paylines.
  • If a scatter symbol appears along in a winning line, the scatter amount will be added to the payline and will have a multiplying effect as well.

It’s a Mystery Strategy

If you think that online casinos seem to have better payout rates than their offline counterparts then you’re absolutely right. Because online casinos have a lower overhead than brick and mortar ones, you’ll see much better returns across the board as the machines are designed to be “looser”. However, the smaller your bet, the less you’ll win as payout are multiplied based on the amount of the original bet.

Contrary to popular belief though, there are no “hot” machines. Sorry to say, but it’s true. Just because a machine hasn’t pay out in a while doesn’t mean that it is any more likely to. Some games have multiple wins close together, some don’t, it’s just a matter of luck.


Once you settle into the game and get a feel for how it works, you might want to think about betting the max amount a few times, since it offers you the chance to win the biggest payouts.

History of It’s a Mystery

The Mystery of the Unclaimed Jackpot has remain unsolved for some time now but thanks to the It’s a Mystery Game, that’s about to change. As you search the manor house for clues, you may come across many suspicious characters and many more suspicious motives.

However, if you crack the case you’ll become the heir to the fortune which was promised to the sleuth that solves this complicated murder mystery. So, if you’re ready to become one of the century’s most celebrated detectives then head on over to It’s a Mystery and enjoy all it has to offer. You might come to play It’s a Mystery but you’ll stay for all the great latest CoolCat Casino games and promotions.


Feature Guarantee: The special guarantee means that all players will get to at least try the game’s feature within 150 spins. If they don’t randomly hit it then it will begin automatically after 150 spins.

Win-win Feature: Win-Win is an extra special feature designed to give players a special bonus if they don’t win equal to or 10x their bet amount. The win win offers up to 100x the original bet amount.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols give you some bonus on your spin; in this case it is the It’s A Mystery logo and rewards you with multiplying the total bet amount.

Wild Symbols: In It’s a Mystery, the wild symbol is the question mark which reveals the body when it appears in a winning combination. Get a few and you’ll get to play the bonus game. If you get quite a few you will be able to multiply your prizes.