Honey to the Bee Slots

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Play Honey to the Bee Slots

Honey to the Bee Basics: Are you buzzing around looking for the ultimate payout? Play online Honey to the Bee slots at the most trusted casino online. Double your prizes when the substitute worker bees show up in any winning combo. Scattered Hives will win you Special Payouts when you hit it with a worker bee. You can even get 15 free spins! Prizes are doubled during the free games with Honey to the Bee slots.

You can also win big with the progressive Honey to the Bee jackpot! No matter what the amount you’re bidding, you can always win the jackpot that CoolCat, the best USA casino has to offer.

How to play Honey to the Bee Slots

Honey bees have always shared the sweetness of their lives with human beings. Real Time Gamming successfully adds this sweet flavor of honey to your experience of gambling. Honey to the Bee online Slot is right here on your computer screens holding the world’s sweetest rewards. Look for the busy worker bees across the honeycombs and replace all the icons on this beehive to get sugary sweet combo rewards. The only symbol that the worker bee cannot substitute is the scattered beehive icon.

Honey to the Bee online Slots has a number of delicious prizes for you. Pressing the help button will open up the entire list of these sweet bonus features and instructions on how to extract luscious rewards from it. Bet tab helps you choose the size of your per pay line or per game bets ranging from a penny, two cents, a nickel, a quarter and fifty cents to a one dollar or five dollars. Striking the autoplay button will initiate the gameplay automatically for you. Click on the options menu to set your parameters and the game will continue following your preferences. It also has the line option where you can select the number of reels you want to play the game on. You need to follow the default 20 reel sequence of the game, like 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. You cannot break this order while picking up the reels for your gameplay. The stop auto tab gives you an option of bringing your automatic gamplay to a halt. However, if you run out of money, the game will end on its own. If you wish to continue with the game, you can deposit more cash and continue your bonbon journey.

Once you get the hang of it, you simply cannot wait to lay your hands on the mouth watering free spin bonus feature of the Honey to the Bee online Slot. But you need to make a little effort for this. Just spin the busy worker bee on the first reel and the scattered beehive on the second reel, one at the same time and you will be rewarded with 15 free spins. The prizes that you win while playing with these free spins will be mechanically doubled. You also have the option of retriggering this awesome bonus feature to grab more and more rewards.

Random jackpot is another wonderful reward winning opportunity off -the-reels. This massive jackpot may surprise you by dropping out randomly at the conclusion of any game. This jackpot reward is added to your other winnings.

Rules for Honey to the Bee
  • A comprehensive study of the following set of rules certainly proves very helpful in starting off with your gameplay on the Honey to the Bee online Slot.
  • All the icons on the Honey to the Bee online Slot pay from left to the right with an exception of the scattered beehive that pays both the ways.
  • Your winnings per pay line are added to your total of pay line wins.
  • All your scatter winnings are multiplied by the complete total of your wagering amount. These scatter rewards are added to your pay line winning amount.
  • Your prizes on the pay lines are multiplied by the value of your stake on every pay line.
  • The biggest reward on the Honey to the Bee online Slot is 40,000 times of your bet per pay line for every spin.

Honey to the Bee Slots Strategy

Do you know what its like to be a honeybee? The bee visits 50 to 100 flowers to collect honey in a single trip that may extend to six miles! But slots are meant to be fun right? More like licking the honey straight off the reels! Adopt an online strategy to play the Honey to the Bee online slots which makes winning big as easy as “pouring yourself honey out of a jar.”

The strategy in question is called the Up the Steps online casino slot strategy. Under this strategy, you begin with a small bet and gradually increase it further as you continue winning. If you lose on any spin, switch to playing with your initial bet as long as you don’t win again. When you reach the highest available bet, stay with it. This strategy can be a little extra helpful if you have a limited bankroll or you want to play safe, in your limits. You cut short your risks of losing too much money because you bet in a safe manner – increasing your bets when you’re winning and staying with your initial bet when you’re losing.

Applying the Up the Steps online slots strategy to the Honey to the Bee online casino slot is not very complex. Decide your initial bet as 20¢, 40¢, or $1. Start playing with your initial bet. Then move one step up to the next available denomination. The highest denomination that you can choose while playing on all 20 lines is $100. You can also customize the number of lines. When you do so, the corresponding bet for each line will be calculated for you automatically.

The Honey to the Bee online casino slot is your sweetest bet to win money. People say that even diabetics can use honey as a sweetener. So forget your bitter losses at other slots and try the Honey to the Bee online casino slot. This is just a strategy to sweeten your slot journey, instead of sweating it out.


Honey to the Bee is a wonderful online casino slot game, with bright and colourful images along with vibrant offers to stack your account with piles of cash. However, a little effort is required on your part to understand the rules and play carefully, in order to win.

After going through the rules properly, when you begin playing on the Honey to the Bee online casino Slot, just keep your eyes peeled on the images of the regular worker-bee (the wild symbol) and the beehive (the scatter symbol). These are the two symbols that hold the maximum profits for you in this online casino Slot.

Also keep a watchful eye on the random jackpot window right in the centre, just above the reels, to make sure you don’t miss out on the extensive jackpot rewards that may fall in at the conclusion of any spin.

If you wish to elevate you gambling experience on the Honey to the Bee online casino slot with the music of the jingles and the blowing trumpets in the back drop, make sure you pick up a decent online casino offering with on the top animations and brilliant digital sound effects. Online casinos using Real Time Gaming software, like CoolCat Casino is a sure-fire treat among all the animated online casino video Slots.

You can begin playing in the free online casino games section, in order to test whether the online casino delivers what it promises. In addition to this a thorough practice on the free casino game of Honey to the Bee online casino Slot will also make you aware of the extensive offers that the casino is providing.

History of Honey to the Bee Slots

The making of the Honey to the Bee online casino slots can only be attributed to the innovativeness of game-makers. Beehives have always interested human beings in one form or the other. Some want to extract the honey and make money, others like to study the honeycomb structure while some others just like to watch the bees buzzing in and out of hives. No matter what, the fact remains that the beehive is a unique entity in nature and an amazing creation that signifies activity and sweetness.

Real Time gamming software providers have obviously shared a passion for beehives and tried to recreate this natural beauty in a version of online slots. Using the original images and nature of work of different bees in the hive, the game makers have come up with a game full of these and related symbols. Worker bees, queen bees, sunflowers, pots of honey, lady birds, the beehive have all come together in this virtual beehive.

Honey to the bee has the entire colony of honeybees, including queens, some drones and the worker bees. With superb sound effects, the buzz of activity around a beehive has been captured. The natural sounds of jingles in the backdrop of free spins, plain sounds for real spins and trumpet blasts for jackpot wins, gives a natural touch to the entire beehive setting in the Honey to the Bee online Slots.

The worker-bee and the beehive in the Honey to the Bee online casino Slot generate wonderful rewards and free games for you. The worker-bee in this casino game is used as the wild symbol and the beehive is the scatter symbol.


Random Jackpot: This jackpot feature fills your pot of honey with loads of sweet rewards. At end of every spin, the jackpot reward may be randomly added to your prize money. Just above the five-reel beehive in the Honey to the Bee online casino Slot, there is a window that indicates this potential increase in the jackpot value after every spin.

Worker-Bee: The worker-bee in the Honey to the Bee online casino Slot is the wild symbol, which can substitute itself for all the other icons in the game except the beehive which is the scatter symbol in the game. The worker-bee shows up on any active reel from one to four reels of this online casino Slot machine and replaces other icons to help you get the winning combos. All your possible winnings are doubled, if you spin the worker-bee once or more than once on the active reels from one to four.

The Beehive: The beehive is the scatter symbol on the Honey to the Bee online Slots. Catch this scatter symbol on the two, three, four or five reels of the Slot machine and get your total bet multiplied by 2,4, 10 or 100 times, respectively. These scatter wins get added to your line wins.

Free Spins: If you wish to win 15 free spins for yourself, spin the worker-bee (wild symbol) on the first active reel and the beehive (scatter symbol) on the second active reel at the same time. All the rewards that you win on this free spin feature will be doubled automatically. In order to enhance your winnings in the game, the free spin feature can be retriggered.