Hockey Hero Slots

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Play Hockey Hero Slots

The stadium is packed with excitement, the crowd cheers as a game of hockey is about to begin with you as the captain of this money making match.

Sports fans will have a blast with this magnificent display of ice, pucks and cash prizes. Special animated images, a trophy, referee, goalie and hockey mask round up the action as each one pays big time. Scattered and Substitute symbols lead to special bonus rounds where players feel the action of first hand.

How to play Hockey Hero Slots

Before spinning the reels, players should first select the bet amount from a minimum $0.25 to a maximum $125.00 per turn. Click the arrows next to the bet button to adjust the value to what you want to wager. Hockey Hero offers up to 25 paylines that can be placed at the same time, as with the bet, the arrows next to this button allow you to choose the number of paylines. Hit Spin and watch the reels move at your command, for every winning combo that you score, the game will let you know how much money did you make on the upper section of the screen. To those who want to avoid the hassle of manually spinning on each turn, choose the Autoplay mode which allows players to set up to 1000 spins which are done by the computer.

Symbols on the Lines


This animated symbol shows up in reels 2 and 4, it substitutes any other symbol except scattered ones. Prizes are doubled when one or more players are a part of a winning combo.

Penalty Box

Appearing on reels, 2, 3 4 and 5, this scattered symbol takes winnings and multiplies them by the total bet amount.

Progressive Jackpot feature

Hockey Hero delivers a jackpot prize that is triggered at any moment during the game, doubling your chances at hitting this huge prize, two jackpots are displayed on the screen. The Minor and Major jackpot reset themselves up to $1000.

Free Games

The game delivers a special bonus round when 3 or more scattered symbols are displayed anywhere on the reels. This leads players into a thematic frenzy where 18 free games wait inside. Clocks are added into the spinning adventure as a countdown. On the first six games, two clocks are shown on the reels; for the next 12 free game rounds, any other clock will end this special bonus section. Hockey Hero also offers the Win Win Feature at the end of the free games if the total winning amount of it is 10 times or less the original bet value. The Win Win Feature’s payout is simple, if you don’t win at the free casino games, you win a prize of 200 times your bet. This scale progresses until it reaches its top, this is, if you win up to 10 times your bet on the Free Games, then you win 5 times your original wager on the Win Win Feature.


Please read the following rules featured on Hockey Hero:

  • Scatter wins are added to line wins and Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Maximum cash prize is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Player only appears on reels 2 and 4 and substitutes for all other symbols except scattered Penalty Boxes and Clocks.
  • Up to 18 free games are awarded when 3 or more scattered Penalty Boxes appear anywhere in normal games.
  • All symbols pay Left to Right except scattered Penalty Boxes, which pay Any.

Hockey Hero Slots Strategy

Be sure to manage your bankroll wisely. Anyone who likes to to play slot games often will tell you that, knowing just how much cash you have is an essential part of the experience at it can determine the length of your gaming run most of the time. If you are selecting the Autoplay feature remember that the number of spins you choose must be a proportional measure to your bankroll and your bet amount. Looking to change the wagered amount? Do it on a progressive basis not to sacrifice all your bankroll value at once. Remember, have fun first and then celebrate your cash prizes, not the opposite.


Being Hockey Hero a game with multiple free game rounds and special symbols, It’s good for players to check payout tables and general rules to get a more detailed explanation on what the game is all about. Even experienced players can tell you how much of a difference it makes to know every piece of information on a slot machine before spinning its reels.

Downloading the casino software allows players to play for free using Fun Money with turns into a great practice mode that you get a feeling of the essence of the latest casino games. Remember that when hitting the Free Game round there’s no need to be sad about it ending as the Win Win Feature comes afterwards where bet multipliers pop up. It is also advisable to play all 25 paylines as it boost the chances at scoring bonuses and even the Win Wni Feature requires this for players to unlock it after the free games.

History of Hockey Hero Slots

With the origins of the hockey puck tracing back to the 19th century, the game has become an iconic sport known for its aggressive and competitive nature. The world famous Stanley Cup was developed in 1892 after Governon General of Canada-Lord Stanley of Preston said that there should be an award given away to the hockey team that resulted victorious. The prize was known back then as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup.

Its influence on American soil was big which led to the establishment of the NHL which by 1926 was composed of 10 teams at the time. Hockey Hero embraces the passion of a sport that dazzles crowds with great thrills and excitement, through spinning reels and bonus rounds, players are sure to hit the puck and score a goal in no time.


Bet: Monetary value that is wagered on every round at the game.

Progressive Jackpot: Special prize that is given away at any moment during the game, the cash award accumulates itself automatically.

Symbols: Animated icons that are displayed on the spinning reels.

Substitute: Image that substitutes any other symbol on the game except scattered ones when forming a winning combo.

Scatter: Symbol that multiplies winnings by the total bet amount can be displayed on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Payline: Invisible line that goes thought the reels, it is identified by a numeric value in the main menu screen.

Autoplay: Option that automatically configures a specific number of spins to be made by the computer.