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Play High Rollers Slots

Do you see yourself as the next slot machine winner? Revisit the 60’s and get the best bonuses and prizes from High Rollers slot machine. The aim in High Rollers is to line up matching symbols on the payline. High Rollers happens to be a 3-reel, five payline slot machine. What you have to do is to match any symbol on the payline by finding the Peace sign which acts as a “Wild”.

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How to play High Rollers Slots

“High Rollers” is one of the most popular online casino slots with 3-reels and 5- paylines features. One of the interesting features on the interface of the game is the positioning of the lines, particularly the fourth and fifth which are placed in a crossed feature on the display The game can be played in denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. The objective of the game is to line up matching symbols on the payline and cash in on the winnings. The default payline labeled with the number 1 is located across the center of the reels and the payout line that provides information of the winnings is located right below the pay table.

How to Play

To play High Rollers slots, get credits added to your machine from your account balance. Credit Limit: You can add credit by clicking on coin slot on the bottom right side of the machine Click on the $5.00, $25.0 or $100 options of to add multiple credits from your account balance. You can add as much credit as is there in your account balance. Insert money in the machine by clicking on the chips in the lower right corner and press “Play 5 Credits.” This automatically spins the reels and plays the maximum bet (5 paylines and 5 coins) which gives you the biggest chance to win. You can bet up to three coins on one spin at the wheel. The number of coins that you play is displayed right underneath the Credit window on the right side of the Interface.

If you want to play fewer lines, than you can select the lines you want by using the Bet One button. By clicking Bet One you can add up to four paylines. Each active payline is marked with a colored line and labeled with the lit number for that payline. When you have placed the bet amount of your choice, simply press Spin Reel, and wait for a win Symbols

The ‘flower-power’, style of the interface is quite interesting and well presented on top of the usual RTG traditional interface. The symbols of the game are just right out of Woodstock, ranging from VW hippy vans, tie-dye t-shirts, butterflies, lava lamps and peace signs. Imagine Jimmy Hendrix in Tie Dye Shirt belting out John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.” Interestingly the Peace Sign happens to be the wild sign of the game.

Wild Sign

The Peace Sign is the Wild Sign of the High Rollers Game. It Is the Substitute symbol and it matches any symbol on the paying line. For example, a peace sign is used to create a three “VW Bus” win, when you get two Bus signs and a peace symbol in one row. The peace sign icons change into the “VW Bus” icon. The Paytable shows you the winning combinations and the amount that you will be paid.

Symbol Line 1-4 Line 5
48 100
24 24
6 6
3 3

As is evident in the above table, the VW vans give you the highest payout in this game when you place a wager on Line 5. Note that the same combination gives you just 48 coins if you bet on line 1-4.

Check out the Winner Paid option to know how much you have won on the last spin.

The Credit Window tells you the number of credit that you can still play while the ‘Coins Played’ option tells you the number of credits that you have already wagered.

The denomination amount buttons correspond to the figures mentioned on them. For example, when you click on $5, then $5 is added from your account to the machine. The other options are $25 and $100.

High Rollers Slots Strategy

High Rollers online slot is a unique three reel online slots that offers great odds by offering five pay lines in place of a single or three paylines. If you wish to make the most of these odds, make sure you sincerely follow the strategies that are specific to the High Rollers online slot. But remember, CoolCat online casino is not recommending any strategy to win or giving any guarantee on its efficacy.

Wager with Five Coins: This is certainly the best betting and probability strategy available for the High Rollers online slots. The five coins strategy simply works on the probability of reeling in the highest reward by betting with maximum coins. As you know that there are total five paylines in the High Rollers online Slot and you can wager with the maximum of five coins. Your bet gets distributed among all the paylines. You can bet with only one coin per line. This means that if you are betting with five coins, you are actually betting total five coins per spin with one coin per payline. As per this betting strategy, you need to wager with maximum coins in order to play with all the paylines and reel in the highest reward of 100 coins. This can be better explained with the illustration below.

Illustration: Let’s assume that you wager with four coins. In this case, you are playing with only first, second, third and fourth paylines with one coin bet per payline. Now imagine that you spin the three of a kind combination of VW hippy vans on the fifth reel. You not only lose on the four coins that you betted with but also miss out on the highest reward of 100 coins by just one coin. Which is certainly very disappointing and if you want to avoid any such regret, you must bet with all the five coins.

Locate the Loose High Rollers Slot Online: The next basic trick is to locate an online casino that offers a loose High Rollers online slot. Loose slot machines are designed to offer a high percentage of payouts to players. For instance, if the High Rollers online slot is offering a payout close to 100%, it is considered to be a loose slot machine. The higher the payout, the better is the percentage that you gain from the total of your winnings. However, the slot machine having a payout percentage of 70% or less is regarded a tight online slot. Try to avoid tight High Rollers online slot machines, if you wish to maximize the percentage of your returns.


The High Roller slot game sports vivid colors and a bright display. While this can be captivating and keep you glued to your computer seat, beware of the danger of playing for hours. Many a player is known to have forgotten surroundings, family responsibilities and more importantly continued to play despite losses.

Know the Wild Card

Most free casino games online have wild symbols or scatters or multipliers. Make sure you get to know how to use them and what it does. The High Rollers Slots Games has the Peace Sign as the wild symbol and it can be used as a substitute for any other icon.

Payout Tables

Payout tables tell you how much you can win for each combination and every online slots machine has one. Familiarize yourself with the payout percentage. Check the payout table displayed on the slot machine for High Roller, before you play. Betting on the highest coin will always ensure a higher payout.

It is also important that players take the trouble to read the site and game reviews, as they provide important clues on the best way to play the slot machine.

Money Management

Last but not the least, keep a stern eye on your bankroll. When you gamble with real money, hedge your risks and play to win high and lose the minimum, if you have to! Try and set a maximum limit on your total wager especially while playing online slots. Without interruptions and distractions, while you play.

History of High Rollers Slots

In the course of history, slot machines like every other invention have undergone several changes and developments. With new themes, symbols, and more sophisticated technology such as the random number generator, online slots machine has replaced mechanical reels.

A century after the invention of the Liberty Bell, the first slot machine, most casinos boast of online slot machines as their flagship game. Online slot machines are not very different from land-line slots as far as the gaming experience in concerned. With extras like display, audio and visual effects, it in fact enhances the casino feeling.

High Rollers Slots online game is Real Time Gaming’s first three-reel machine with five pay lines. RTG has added entertaining and random animations that appear from time to time on the reels. The ladybug tip toes across the reels and a flower goes into a spin, bringing a smile on to player’s faces. The animated effect has no special role to play in the slot gameplay, but is definitely an add-on.


RTG: Real Time Gaming.

Multiline: More than two playing lines to form winning combinations.

Pay line: Generally pay line is in the middle of the slot window, it can be three or five lines.

Reels: Symbols are displayed on reels. Usually you find three reels, but there can be two, four or even higher.

Loose slots: Slots that return a high percentage of the money played to the players. They are also known as generous slots or hot slots as opposed to “tight slots”.

Coins Size: Amount of single bet is known as coins size.

Hit Frequency: Hit Frequency is the frequency at which winning spins occur.

Hold: The percentage of coins played that are held by machine.