Hidden Riches Slots

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Play Hidden Riches Slots

Hidden Riches Basics: Aztec paraphernalia comes back to life into an exciting casino slots game titled Hidden Riches. Featuring great payouts and special features, this thematic adventure invites players into a jungle where ancient riddles wait inside.

Wild and Scattered symbols deliver bonuses that are for you to discover. The treasures are hidden but are just one click away at the reels where top of the line animation meets the latest casino action. Remember, play Hidden Riches and make history across the spinning lands of the best USA casino online.

How to play Hidden Riches Slots

A greatly designed electronic interface welcomes players to discover the treasures. As one famous Indiana Jones or a Spanish conqueror, Hidden Riches blends classic slot machine action with modern features that make this a must for casino enthusiasts everywhere. Animals and exuberant landscapes serve as a background for you to grab you boots and knives; the time has begun to win cash in no time. Get there before someone else even thinks of capturing the ancient gold reserves.

Getting to know the game is easy. The game consists of 25 paylines with five reels spinning to form wining combinations. The betting or wagering amounts range from $0.01 to $5.00 per turn (each bet increases the number of desired paylines to be played on the game). Use the Bet button and the arrows next to it to select you amount, afterwards players hit Spin to start watching the reels move. The Autoplay feature allows the computer to repeat the action without you having to manually spin every time. At the bottom of the screen players can find the Help option that quickly explains some frequently asked questions on symbols and payouts.

Rules for Hidden Riches Online Slot Machine

While the game has several options and terms regarding many subjects, some basic rules must be understood for a better outcome when playing:

  • The number of coins won multiplied by the coin value that was selected determines the amount of credits awarded to the player.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • All symbols pay on a left to right direction except the Aztec Tablet scattered symbol.
  • The progressive jackpot is triggered randomly and can activate itself at anytime during gameplay.
  • Any extra cash won during special bonus rounds is added to your payline wins.

Hidden Riches Slots Strategy

The game is ready and you are about to start your run at the thematic slot machine, do you really know what payouts are given for two Aztec pyramid symbols plus one adventurer on the same reel?. To avoid not knowing what you have or have not won when you play casino free games, study the payout table carefully to fully understand the nature of the game. Hidden Riches offers plenty of added features to enhance player’s winnings, careful planning always lead to success.


Betting patterns should be used as a way to maximizing player’s balance at the game. Wherever the outcome maybe, wagering small amounts and setting the autoplay feature can lead to a more pleasant and enjoyable run as the chances of unlocking special features increase. If a player is awarded with free spins they should always go for it, scoring some extra cash is a good thing and it’s these bonuses that help to build up a big stack of money. If you begin winning consecutively don’t increase your wagering amount all of a sudden, remember these games give random results so gradually raise your bets keeping in mind that always you should keep your balance alive. Money attracts more money, so never go broke and playing it all at once, become a master at it progressively.

History of Hidden Riches Slots

The Aztec civilization became one of the most important cultures covering many kilometers in Mexico. Their vision was to work with nature, not against it; ruins of what once was an established empire show how limestone blends along the green paradise. The region saw the birth the Aztec dominance; they helped in developing a culture that contributed to natural evolution of one of the first societies to walk in those scenarios.

Spanish explorers came to discover the land for European eyes unleashing a fierce battle for absolute dominance that resulted in many victims left behind in a war for the mercantilist policy at the time; all the gold and silver in these lands where the treasures that she Spanish conquerors desired and so it took them many years before ruling the jungle paradise.

There’s no need to travel back in time, Hidden Riches delivers instant action and fortune.


Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a jackpot that is randomly activated when a particular bonus feature is triggered.

Adventurer: A wild multiplier symbol that acts as a substitute to complete winning combinations.

Aztec Tablet: Scattered symbol featured in Hidden Riches, it allows winning combos to be made without the Aztec Tablet needed to be in line or in a specific payline.

Hidden Riches Bonus Feature: Special round that is triggered when 3 or more Aztec Tablets appear during gameplay.

Autoplay: Option that allows players to select a number of spins for the computer to run automatically.