Haunted Opera Slots

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Play Haunted Opera Slots

Haunted Opera Basics: Does the phrase Haunted Opera ring a bell in your mind? It’s eerie and romantic at the same time. How about playing slots based on it? Hugely exciting, a new version of the Hanuted Opera is on its way. Play this slot machine game, and you can win plenty of bonuses.

Want to enjoy the best online slots? Play the Haunted Opera slots. The moment you activate the free spins feature, you earn 5 free spins. Got piles of winnings at free spins? Consider them tripled. Did the Phantom appear on each reel? Win 3 extra free spins! Play online Haunted Opera with us and find yourself in the middle of great graphics. Christine Daae, the white mask, the mirror, a red rose, a sealed letter and the Phantom himself will have you hooked.

Scored the Mask symbol in a winning combination during a free game? Great news! You’ve attained the ultimate win. Receive 6 times your prize from the Haunted Opera online slots.

Come to CoolCat Casino, download the casino to your computer and play Haunted Opera for a thrilling, memorable gaming experience.

How to play Haunted Opera Slots

Haunted Opera is a popular five reel twenty paylines slots game. This dark gothic tale is well captured with apt sounds and beautiful imagery. You can see the beautiful Christine Daae appearing on the reels and spreading her charm all over. The graphics stand stark against the black and red background.

A combination of the mask and the sealed letter just might leave you very happy. So be on a lookout for that!

First know all about the Haunted Opera by clicking on the Help button provided by CoolCat Casino. Start off with adjusting your bet. $1 is the default bet on the RTG games; however, you can increase or decrease the bet according to your choice. The Haunted Opera online slots game also has 20 pay lines that you can play. Remember, that your bet gets divided along the lines and the less you bet overall, the less you will win per line. You can bet a minimum of $0.20 and a maximum of $100. But according to the lines you choose, the bet can decrease over a single line.

The Autoplay button gives you the luxury to move away from the computer if you so wish. You can press the Autoplay button and the computer will spin the reels for you. The computer keeps spinning the reels till you run out of money or manually stop the Autoplay feature. You can also set a precondition which triggers the autospin feature to stop once the condition is achieved.

The Rules for the Haunted Opera Online Slot
  • Since the Haunted opera online casino slots game has 20 pay lines, you can win on multiple lines in one spin. The total win is the sum of wins on different pay lines.
  • For each win, the scatter symbol wins are also added to the pay line wins.
  • In the Haunted opera online casino slots game, the scatter symbol has a multiplier effect.

Haunted Opera Slots Strategy

The Simple online slots strategy is called Simple because it does not involve a complex betting pattern. Under this strategy, you decide three things: your bankroll, betting pattern, and quitting point. This way you don’t get hurt too bad while losing.

Before You Begin

Decide your naked pulls and your low-, mid- and high-level bets. The naked pulls is the number of losing spins in a row. Once you achieve the naked pulls, you quit. No matter what.

Putting the Strategy to Use

You begin with the mid-level bet. If you win, switch to the high-level bet and continue playing with it. This is where you make the most money. If you lose, come down to the mid-level bet. Continue playing with the mid-level bet. If you win again, switch to the high-level bet. But if you lose, step down to the low-level bet. Continue playing with the low-level bet. If you lose, stay with the same betting value. And if you win, switch to the high-level bet. You continue playing this way till your bankroll lasts or you achieve your naked pulls.

The real excitement of playing the Haunted Opera online slots kicks out when you receive free spins. When a Letter appears on reel one and a Mask appears on reel five, you receive five free spins. All prizes are triple during the free spins. There is a lot more than that though. Play the game yourself and see the prizes that are there for you to grab. All the best!


Real Time Gaming has provided a bonus feature in all its games. The Haunted Opera online slots game has this feature too. The free game feature is triggered when the sealed letter appears on reel 1 and the Phantom’s Mask appears on reel 5. This feature awards you with extra free casino games to play ,a whooping five of them!

During free games a Phantom may appear on each reel awarding up to three extra free games. Free games are played at the lines and bet of the triggering game. Prizes are tripled during Free Game feature. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager. If the Mask symbol is part of a winning combination in a free game prizes are multiplied by 6. This feature cannot be re-triggered.

History of Haunted Opera Slots

The Haunted Opera online Slots is inspired by the French novel “Phantom of the Opera” written by Gaston Leroux. The novel which didn’t claim much success in its own times has later been adapted and is considered one of the most romantic tragedies ever written.

Leroux claimed to his last breath that the events recorded in his book “Phantom of the Opera” were in fact true. The Gothic nature of the novel never allowed anyone to believe that it was true. Today, The Phantom of the Opera musical is the longest running Broadway show in history. It is also the most lucrative entertainment enterprise of all time and its worldwide box office revenues over the past 20 years have outgrossed even the highest grossing film in history, 1997’s Titanic.

In the book, Erik – a horribly disfigured musical genius, “haunted” the opera. He let people believe that he was a ghost all the while camping under the opera stage. He hears a young soprano, Christine, singing in her dressing room and tells her that he was an Angel of Music, sent by her forefathers to teach her. She agrees to take his lessons and under his tutelage quickly rises to fame. He shows himself to her, wearing a mask to cover his ugly face and takes her to his residence under the stage. There she finds out that he was no Angel of Music and not even a phantom. He was just a man, a brilliant one albeit.

Her sympathies however lie with the musical genius who was also her teacher and instrumental in her rise to fame. She kisses him goodbye and promises him her eternal love. He releases her to go with her lover Raoul and pines for her when she’s gone. He eventually dies three weeks after he let her go. His last monologue about his life and his love for Christine were the most moving of the entire novel.

RTG has taken this concept and very beautifully converted it into a crisp and refreshing game. The Haunted Opera online casino slots game is a must play for all those who enjoy the opera and also those who enjoyed the movie.


Paylines: Paylines are the predefined patterns. If the reels align themselves in a manner that a paying pattern is formed, you win some money. The detailed patterns and paylines are described in the help section of each game. Different games have different numbers of paylines and your bet gets divided by the number of paylines that you choose to play for each game.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are those that give you some kind of bonus every time they appear on the slots. In the Haunted Opera online casino slots, the Sealed Letter symbol is the scatter symbol. Three or more of these scattered anywhere on the reels trigger the bonus feature.

Wild Symbol: The Mask is the wild symbol in this online slots game. This symbol doubles the winnings if it appears in a winning combination.

Bonus Feature Trigger: The Free Spin Bonus round is triggered when the sealed letter appears on reel one and the phantom mask appears on reel five.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is randomly announced after the end of a game. Phantom of the Opera online casino slots game has this feature.