Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots

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Play Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Basics: Happy Ox of Happiness is a five-reel 50-line online slots game that is perhaps the simplest and luckiest way to make your dreams come true. Love to hear oxes bellow? Get two, three, or four Happy Ox symbols in a combination and win 18, 88, or 888 times your bet per line.

Get the scatter symbol Year of the Ox thrice or more, and get eight free casino games. Now free means free, no strings attached, and remember this feature can be re-triggered!

There are a number of other good luck symbols that have their own share of prizes for you. And above all, there is an exclusive jackpot feature that you can hit during any normal spin by lining up one Happy Ox symbol on each reel.

So, come and enjoy some of the most popular and colorful slot game themes like Happy Golden Ox of Happiness and get ready to receive your money’s worth. Make hay while the sun shines.

How to play Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots

Just click the Spin button. After all isn’t that all there is to slots? Hmmm, yes and no. You need to know all the symbols used in the game and should have an idea of how they pay and when as well. Beyond this of course, you could just sit back, relax, and watch the money come your way. The Ox is happy and is giving away plenty of money. The bet is fixed at $1 and distributed among 50 lines at 2 ¢ per line.

Auto Play

One thing is particularly true about the slots: luck. So, when your luck runs high and you are on a winning streak, don’t lose a moment. If you have to step away for a moment or two, you can set the game on “auto” mode and play for a selected number of spins. In Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, this feature is known as the auto play feature. To activate this feature, click the auto play button. In the window that pops up, mark the Number of Spins in the checkbox and select the number of spins from the list next to it. Once you click OK, the game will be run automatically for the number of spins selected by you. There are plenty of other self explanatory options available besides the number of spins. Set the options that can help you play auto game in a better way.

You can turn the Autoplay feature off at any time by clicking the Stop Auto button.

Turbo Play

You may find Happy Golden Ox of Happiness rather addictive and would like to accelerate the game (and your winning) speed. To do so, click options in the top-right corner. Check the Turbo Play box in the window that displays and click OK. The game speed will be turbo charged.

Symbols on the Lines

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness includes many symbols of prosperity and good luck. Line up these symbols in permitted combinations and take home the prizes you long for.

Substitute: Happy Ox

Happy OxHappy Ox is the substitute symbol in the game. It can replace any other symbol except the scatter symbol Year of the Ox to help you make a winning combination. Happy Ox values lucky number eight, and can effectively multiply your bet per line with 18, 88, or 888 if it appears 2, 3, or 4 times respectively. When it appears anywhere on reel 1 and 5, it triggers the free games feature which awards you 8 respins. In the free games feature, reels 1 and 5 freeze, while the rest spin. The Happy Ox symbol multiplies the bet per line with 8, 88, 888, or 8888 depending on whether it appears 2, 3, 4, or 5 times, respectively. This is further multiplied by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 based on the respin that the game is on.

Scatter: Year of the Ox

Year of the OxYear of the Ox is the scatter symbol. A scatter symbol usually pays any direction unlike regular symbols that pay only left to right. When three or more scatter symbols appear on any reels, you are awarded eight free games.  Even if a combination of these symbols cannot trigger free online casino games, you can still multiply your total bet to eight, 88, or 188 if you get three, four, or five scatter symbols.

Good Luck Fu Symbols

HappinessThese three good luck Fu symbols bring good luck to you. Get two, three, four, or five of a kind in a winning combination and increase your bet per line to eight, 18, 188, or 2888, respectively.

Dancing Lion, Tomato Light, & Crackers

FireworksThese symbols represent courage, energy, and wisdom and are an inseparable part of the Chinese culture. Get three, four, or five of a kind and win eight, 88, or 888 times your bet per line, respectively.

Hand Fan, Good Luck Coins, Jade Numeral Eight, & Lucky Pot

Jade 8
VaseThese symbols can pay you a good amount of money. All you need to do is to get three, four, or five of a kind in a combination and take away eight, 88, or 188 times your bet per line.

Special Jackpot feature

The Happy Golden Ox of Happiness online slots also offers an exclusive jackpot feature. To hit this jackpot, you need to line up one Happy Ox symbol on each reel. You can hit the jackpot anytime during the normal spins. During the free spins, jackpot is not available. When you hit a jackpot, your winnings on other lines are also added to the jackpot.


The following table lists the payouts associated with different combinations of the symbols available in Happy Ox of Happiness.

Symbol Number of Symbols and Associated Payout
2 3 4 5
Happy Ox 18 88 888
Happy Ox (during Free Games) 18 88 888 8888
Year of the Ox 88 888 188
Good Luck Fu Symbols 8 18 188 2888
Dancing Lion, Tomato Light & Crackers 8 88 888
Hand Fan, Good Luck Coins, Jade Numeral Eight & Lucky Pot 8 88 188
Jack, Ten, Nine 5 15 1000
Free Games

When the scatter Year of the Ox symbol appears thrice or more than that on different reels, you win eight free games. The money won during free games is multiplied by three. This feature can re-trigger itself during free spins. Prizes won during the re-spin feature are multiplied by three in the first re-spin, by four in the second re-spin, and so on.


Happy Golden Ox of Happiness is played under following rules. Please read them carefully before you start playing a new game.

  • Compulsory 50 line and $1 bet play. You cannot alter the number of lines or amount of your bet.
  • Wins on different lines are added together.
  • All symbols pay left to right except the scatter symbol which pays any direction.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Line wins are multiplied by bet per line.
  • Scatter wins are added to the line wins.
  • Highest win only on each line.

Maximum win per paid spin is 50,000 times bet per line. In case of a $1 bet on 50 lines, the bet per line equals $0.02. So the maximum amount you can win is $1000 per line.

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots Strategy

Just do it! Well, that sounds good when you’re gearing up to improve your health or do something you are planning to do for a long time. You should not apply this to Slots or any other means of gambling as a matter of fact. At least when it comes to betting real money.

Set your budget before you sit down to play online slots to ensure a great gambling experience. Decide how much you want to wager for a particular day and stick to your budget. A $100 will buy you 100 spins for Happy Golden Ox of Happiness if you bet in $1 increments. Keep jotting down the amount you win or lose after every spin to help you keep track of your winnings and losses.

Once you’re ready to make your first deposit to play Happy Golden Ox of Happiness slots, make sure to visit our Cashier section and evaluate your options. Although this fun game is based on the Chinese Horoscope, American players seem to have a special preference for the mysticism and fun that this slot machine game brings! In fact, is one of the main reasons why CoolCat Casino is considered the best usa casino site on the internet today.


Knowledge gained is never wasted. Every one likes to play slots in their own way. But many of them have benefited by using certain tips and tricks. You may also find the tips discussed below informative and quite useful when you play Happy Golden Ox of Happiness.

Know the Game

It is always a good idea to learn as much as possible about the game before you sit down to play it. Check out what rules the game is played under. See various features that are offered by the game. They would help you make more informed decisions.

Play the Free Version

CoolCat casino gives you the opportunity to play the game for free. Grab this opportunity and play the game to see how the game runs and how often you win. This will make you a lot more comfortable while playing the game with real money.

Aim for the Bonus Feature

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness online slots game awards you eight free games as a bonus if you can obtain three or more scatter ‘Year of the Ox’ symbols anywhere. The real excitement of slots break out when you receive free games and win without putting any money on the line.

Don’t Miss the Jackpot

The Happy Golden Ox of Happiness slots offers a stunning jackpot feature that you can hit at any spin. In online slots, every spin is randomly generated by computer. The more you play it, the better your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Don’t Quit when You’re Winning

After you have won a couple of spins, you should not quit. Perhaps the game is getting ready to give you more. Don’t overlook this possibility. Stay with it and spin more to win more.

Play it Automatically

You never know when your winning streak on a slots machine game starts. If you have to answer nature’s call or have to step out for some other reasons, don’t stop the game and interrupt your winning streak. Instead, play the game automatically for a particular number of spins. Besides, you can also set a number of other options to play Happy Golden Ox of Happiness in a more informed way. By the way, the autoplay option lets you play the game while you work, so make the best use of this feature.


It You may want to increase the speed at which the game runs once you start winning on Happy Golden Ox of Happiness. You can do so by setting the Turbo Play option to true. Click ‘Options’ at the top right corner and check ‘Turbo Play’ box in the window that pops up. Click OK. To turn this feature off, follow the same steps and uncheck the Turbo Play box.

History of Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness online slots machine game is inspired by the Chinese zodiac philosophy. This philosophy advocates that one of the 12 animals rule a certain year from time to time. The year 2009 is ruled by ox. Ox is considered prosperous and hard working. And Happy Golden Ox of Happiness very well celebrates the spirit of Ox.

The graphics and the sounds used in the game are simply stunning. You would love to hear the Happy Ox bellow because that means you are going to get plenty of money. Also, the Chinese Good Luck Fu symbols will bring you good luck and prizes at the same time. Other symbols like Dancing Lion, Tomato Light, Crackers, Jade Numeral Eight, Lucky Pot, Good Luck Coins, and Hand Fan –intrinsic to Chinese culture –are deployed very well in this game and award you a decent amount of money.

When you play this game replete with feel- good symbols, the Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, is unlikely to leave you disappointed. And last but not the least you get the golden chance of hitting the jackpot if the Happy Ox symbol appears on every reel.

Celebrating the spirit of the Year of the Ox, Real Time Gaming (RTG) released this online slots machine game in January 2009. The game is a big hit. Players are switching to it simply because due to fixed 50 paylines, the chances of winning are pretty high as compared to other online slots machine games. This is the perfect time to grab as many winnings as possible by playing the game because the next year that will be ruled by the ox is 2021. So, don’t waste any time and grab your share of happiness and prosperity.


Bet: The money that you put in a machine to beget money.

Reel: A reel is a circular disc that has a predetermined number of symbols printed on it.

Special Jackpot: A special jackpot in Happy Golden Ox of Happiness online slots, that drops only when you line up five images of Happy Ox.

Symbols: Each reel in Happy Golden Ox of Happiness carries a picture, an object, or a special mark that represents various items that belong to Chinese zodiac.

Substitute: This is a special symbol that can be a substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol. This is also called a wild symbol. Happy Ox is the substitute symbol in Happy Golden Ox of Happiness slots.

Scatter: A symbol that helps you win regardless of the order it appears on a payline. In Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, a combination of three or more of these symbols trigger the bonus round where you get eight free games.

Payline: A line that gets through one symbol on each reel and eventually forms a pattern.

Autoplay: A feature that helps run the game automatically with particular options turned on or off.

Turbo Play: A feature that increases the speed at which the game is played.