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Play Golden Retriever Slots

Golden Retriever Basics: All dogs dig holes. They love to dig. People say dogs can smell treasure. Dogs may not always dig out treasures, for there is are plenty of bugs, dead animals, bones, and other things that dogs love available underground. But Rover, our Golden Retriever, always digs out nothing but priceless treasures! You would love watching him dig out a treasure bone in the bonus round that would multiply your winnings by as many as 20 times.

Golden Retriever is a very easy slots game that requires no skills at all. If you know how to spin it, you can win! The symbols available on different reels offer different payouts. Rover likes his Dog Collar, Dog House, and Dog Bowl a lot and he pays pretty well if you could collect 2 or more of them on a payline. But he loves his friend the Female Dog the most, so much that even if you get one of it on a payline, Rover pays you double your bet per line.

The biggest thrill of the game is to get into the bonus round. Get 3 or more scatter bones, and you’ll be awarded 10 free games. Your winnings in the free games are calculated against your bet that triggered the free games feature. Besides, your winnings are accumulated in a Prize Pool. At the end of free games, Rover goes to dig up the prize bone with a multiplier on it. Your winnings are multiplied with the value on the prize bone!

Golden Retriever is just one of the many superb games we have for you at CoolCat Casino. It’s no coincidence every time we release a new game, we get voted as the best usa casino hands down! Play Golden Retriever for free or for real money today!

How to play Golden Retriever Slots

If your dog brings luck to you, the Golden Retriever slots machine is a perfect place to try your luck! Golden Retriever at CoolCat Casino offers tremendous amount of prizes and special bonus rounds to multiply your winnings. A random jackpot that continuously increases is always there for you to hit it.

Like other slot machines at CoolCat Casino, this one also comes in with 5 reels and 20 lines.

How to Play?

Initially, a $1 bet is placed on 20 lines for you by default. If you wish, you can click the arrows around How to Play? to adjust your bet. You can see your bet at the top of the game screen. Your account is also displayed beside it. You may want to decrease or increase the number of lines. To do that, click the arrows around LINES. If you want to do it quickly, you can select a line number on the screen itself.

Click the SPIN button once you are fine with your bet and lines. Keep your fingers crossed, you may get to hit the jackpot on the very first spin.

Symbols on the Reels

Regular Symbols

Golden Retriever has many regular symbols with handsome payouts. The following table explains all regular symbols and the payouts each one them offers.

Symbol 5 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 3 of a Kind 2 of a Kind 1 of a Kind
Dog (Female) 2500 500 100 5 2
Dog House 1000 250 50 5
Dog Collar 500 100 15 2
Dog Bowl 250 50 10 2
Letter A/K 150 25 5
Letter Q/J/10/9 100 15 5

If these symbols include a substitute symbol as well, the prize money is doubled.

Scatter Symbol

Sparkling bone is the scatter symbol in Golden Retriever. Scatter wins are always multiplied by total bet. It can appear on any reel.

Substitute Symbol

Golden Retriever is the substitute symbol in the game. It can substitute for any symbol on a line to produce a winning combination. It can only appear on reel 2, 3, and 4. The prize is always doubled if two or more substitute symbols appear in a winning combination.

Free Spins

If you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere, you win 10 free spins. It means you need to put any money on the line to win the prize. During the free spin feature, the prizes you win are added to a prize pool. At the end of the feature, your Golden Retriever may dig up a X2, X3, X4, X5, X10, or X20 multiplier. Your prize pool will be multiplied by the multiplier then.

Auto Play Feature

You can play Golden Retriever and work at the same time. The autoplay feature spins the slot machine automatically for you. You can set the number of lines to play the game, or you can keep spinning the machine automatically till the jackpot is hit. To activate the autoplay feature, click the AUTO PLAY button. Select the number of lines in the window that opens up, and click the OK button. To deactivate the feature, click the STOP AUTO button.


There is a lot of money available for you to claim. Just get your symbols right, and manage to get the symbols in a winning combination. The game also awards you free spins. This is when you don’t need to put money on the line, but still get to win the prizes.

  • All symbols pay left to right except the scatter bones. Bones pay any direction.
  • Your wins on different lines are added together.
  • All your scatter wins are added to the line wins.
  • Scatter wins are always multiplied by your total bet.
  • If you win a jackpot, the amount is added to your other wins.
  • Line wins are multiplied by the bet per line.
  • The maximum that you can win per spin is 40,000 times your bet per line.
  • The free-spins features can be retriggered during a game.

Golden Retriever Slots Strategy

The Roller Coaster online slots strategy is perhaps the simplest of all strategies that you can apply to the simplest means of gambling – the online slots. It does not involve performing complex mathematical calculation to decide your bets. Here’s how this strategy works:

  • Decide a high and low bet
  • Begin playing with the high bet
  • Continue playing with the high bet if you’re winning
  • Switch to the low bet if you lose
  • Continue playing with the low bet if you’re losing
  • Switch to the high bet if you win

Consider this example for a better understanding of the strategy. Assume that you decide $20 as your high bet and $5 as your low bet when you play the Golden Retriever online slots. You begin with a $20 bet spread across all 20 lines. If you win, you continue playing with the same bet. But if you lose, you switch to the low bet, which is $5 in the example given. If you lose again, you continue playing with the same bet amount. If you win again, switch to the high bet, which is $20 in our case, and continue playing.

Every spin in online slots is generated by a computer; it is truly random. You cannot go on losing for too many spins in a row. That also means that you cannot go on winning for too many spins in a row. The risk of losing is never separated from gambling and online slots are no exception. Still if you apply this strategy while playing the Golden Retriever online slot or any online slots for that matter, you can increase your chances of winning. CoolCat Casino is not giving a guarantee though!


Golden Retriever is no different than other other Casino Games online. You need luck to win it. The golden rule of spin and win applies to this game as well. You may find the tips below handy at times.

CoolCat Casino lets you play free games just for fun! The intention is to let you get well-versed with the game. The casino allows you to explore various features offered by the game without putting your money on the line. You should feel comfortable while playing for real money. As they say, “More sweat in training means less blood on the battlefield!”

It may sound funny, but you can carry your dog’s accessories with you as a lucky charm. Many gamblers do it when they try their luck at Golden Retriever slots. And it works for most of them!

Gamble responsibly! Your gut feeling of winning with a blitzkrieg may come from an upset stomach. Always decide how much money to wager before you get down and dirty with it.

If you feel lucky, bet more. Big bets always pay better dividends.

Apart from all this, a well-written help section is available in the game as well. Just click the Help button in case you want to learn the rules and other features.

History of Golden Retriever Slots

Golden Retriever is a perfect online replication of the fun and acts that your pet dog performs. It is one of the most popular slot machine games developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG) so far. The background music always keep you glued to the slot machine. Truly, you would never stop playing and winning with your Golden Retriever.

The animations that are incorporated in the game are pleasing and trendsetting. You would love to see the Golden Retriever dig up the prize bone for you! With state-of-the-art slot machines developed by RTG, people wanted a game that would sport their pets. And what better pet can someone have other than a dog. You can have fun with a pet and win big at the same time only at CoolCat Casino!


Random Jackpot: A special jackpot whose value increases a small amount for every game played.

Reel: A disc in a slot machine that has symbols on it.

Payline: When you spin the slot machine, the symbols on different discs get together on different paylines.

Substitute Symbol: A substitute symbol is a wild symbol that you can use to replace any other symbol except the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol: A scatter symbol helps trigger the bonus rounds. Golden Retriever requires two or more scatter symbols to activate the bonus feature also called Golden Retriever.

Payout: The amount of money you get back with respect to your bet is called a payout.