Golden Glove Slots

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Play Golden Glove Slots

Golden Glove Basics: Love baseball? Love slots? Have we got the slot game for you! Download our free Golden Glove slot casino game from CoolCat Casino and play online for real money. Get the best online casino coupons at CoolCat Casino and win big payouts! Play Golden Glove slots, hit Home Runs and get 9 free games. Home Runs can get you prizes five times your normal prize – you can even get hit Grand Slam awards that are 5 to 100 times your bet! Don’t just take yourself out to the ball game, win Home Runs that fetch you prizes.

Golden Glove video slots has scattered gloves that help you add to your credit. The substitute batter will increase the value of any winning combo. No matter how small you’re bid is, you can always win the jackpot at one of the most trusted us online casinos out there!

How to play Golden Glove Slots

Sports have always been a great part of our culture. It is the way we compete with each other, how we blow off steam during the weekends. How we tailgate and celebrate our teams victories! And this, has obviously given way for different slot themes that casino players seem to love. The Baseball fan club is huge in America and slot machine game developers have used this interest to the best of their ability in the design of the Golden Glove online Slot.

Golden Glove online Slot captures all the fun of baseball in a virtual version. In addition, the Golden Glove online Slot includes captivating animations and natural sound effects. The home run feature on the Golden Glove online slots is as challenging as the true baseball match. Getting three or more images of scattered glove, anywhere on the reels will grant you nine free spins. Under this feature, you can get the base hits similar to the real baseball game by spinning three letters ‘H’, ‘I’, and ‘T’ on the middle reels. Every ‘HIT’ will help you score one full run. Your rewards are doubled for every run that you score, the winnings you get when you play casino free games are added to the grand slam bonus round.

Play on the grand slam bonus feature and reap attractive prizes. Under this bonus round your rewards are multiplied by 5, 10, 25 or 100 times of your triggering bet. All you need to do is to get the similar ‘HIT’ combo. The image of a batter can replace ‘I’ to help you release the ‘HIT’ combo.

Random jackpot is another money minting spot on the Golden Glove online Slot. This jackpot feature may throw massive rewards at the end of any game. These rewards are added to the rest of your winnings. The best part about this feature is that it lets you make money off the reels.

Hitting the help button on the Golden Glove online slot will throw light on the various offers and the right order of following the gameplay. You can press the bet button to raise and reduce your bet size. The size per pay line wager may range from a penny, two cents, a nickel, a quarter and fifty cents to a dollar or five dollars. Autoplay tab allows the Slot machine to spin the reels automatically for you. The game continues as per the options and preferences selected by you, until you are done with the funds or you hit the stop button to manually bring the game to a halt. You can choose any number of pay lines from 1 to 20, in their original sequence. Bear in mind that you cannot break the order of the pay lines.

The batter is the wild symbol that substitutes all the other symbols on the active reels to help you create the winning combos. The only symbol that the batter cannot replace is the image of the glove which is the scatter symbol in the game. Spin one or more batter symbols in your winning combos and all your prizes would be doubled.

The Rules for Golden Glove
  • All the symbols on the reel will pay from left to right, except the scatter glove that pays both ways, i.e. from left to right or right to left.
  • Your wins on every pay line are added to your total winning amount.
  • In Golden Glove online Slot, your scatter wins are multiplied by your full bet and these multiplied wins are added your pay line wins.
  • Your winnings per pay line are multiplied based on the bet that you place on every pay line.
  • The highest reward on the Golden Glove online Slot is 40,000 times your bet per line in every spin.

Golden Glove Slots Strategy

Everybody knows slots require luck to win. But, nobody can predict the exact moment when luck will strike. For this reason, it is a good idea to bet using a qualified strategy so that you don’t continue losing, on the hope that one win will cover up the losses. Here you will learn to use the Hot Corner online slot strategy.

Each Baseball playground has four bases called the first base, second base, third base, and fourth base. The third base is also called the hot corner. Our strategy is based on the four bases and if you have guessed it already, we will bet the maximum in the third base or the hot corner. Begin at the first base with a predetermined bet. Maintain the same bet at the second base. At the third base, bet the maximum or closest to it. Consequently, in the fourth base, revert to your normal bet. This way, you don’t risk too many losses as compared to betting the maximum at each spin.

Consider the following example, it will help you apply the Hot Corner online slots strategy to the Golden Glove online slot. Although there are multiple bet denominations available in the game, you can select the $2 as your normal bet and $20 as your maximum bet. Perform two spins with a $2 bet each. Place a $20 bet in your third spin. Then again in your fourth spin, place the same old $2 bet.

The Hot Corner online slot strategy assumes that you go lucky on your third spin. Even if you lose on your first two spins, and win on the third spin, you end up making a good amount of money. Anyway, betting the maximum on each spin and playing without a strategy is a sure shot way of losing your entire bankroll at once. The Hot Corner strategy is all about saving your bets and playing it safe.


The tips mentioned below are pointers to make the maximum out of the extensive winning opportunities that the Golden Glove online slot offers.

The basic but most essential tip is an in-depth study of the rules of the game.

This tip might sound as repetitive as the moral lessons given by your mother. But this one step is so important that we can’t do without mentioning it.

Once you have read the rules and instructions of the game, you can move on to the free casino game of the Golden Glove online slot. It is the most quick and convenient way of learning the game. At CoolCat Casino you can play casino free games with the fun money in your balance. When you play for fun quite regularly, you will gain confidence as a gambler.

The scatter symbol ‘Glove’ is the major symbol in the game that you should keep your eyes on. It not only gets multipliers on your total bet but will also take you to the ‘Home Run’ feature which is as challenging and rewarding as any Baseball match. In the Golden Glove online slot game, the scattered gloves will pay left to right or right to left. All other symbols will pay left to right.

If you are from the community of the baseball fans, play on the Golden Glove online slot that employs the best software tools. Real Time Gaming gets you on the top animations and superb sound effects that will remind you of the whooping exultations that echo in the baseball stadium.

History of Golden Glove Slots

Golden Glove is a video slot game inspired by baseball. The craze for baseball among Americans reached a peak in the 19th century and influenced every walk of life including gambling. Game enthusiasts who were engaged in the design of new variations of slots, combined elements of baseball and video slots to come up with the Golden Glove video slot game.

Employing terms and symbols from base ball, Golden Glove boasts of a baseball glove and batter similar to those used in the popular sport. Other baseball symbols like umpire, ball, cat, hat, fan, trophy, popcorn and hotdog have also been used as symbols. Just as in baseball you can make base hits and win massive rewards. The Golden Glove casino game also provides a grand slam opportunity where winnings can be enormous.

In winters when it is snowing and you cannot step out of your house to enjoy baseball or visit the local casino, just go online for a mix of both! In fact, Golden Glove slots rose in popularity after the online version surfaced.


Random Jackpot: Golden Glove Slot machine comes with a Random Jackpot feature. A jackpot is one in which the pot value increases as more and more players join in. The ‘Random Jackpot’ comes up at random and close to the final pull in this game. The wins are handsome and are added to your other winnings.

Wild Symbol/Baseball Batter: The wild symbol in the casino game is the baseball batter who shows up on the third reel. The batter can be substituted for all the other symbols on the Golden Glove slots machine including the scattered gloves. Making the combination using the batter symbol mechanically elevates your odds of winning in the game. The reward increases 200-fold , if more than one symbol of Batter emerges in the combination.

Scatter Symbol/Golden Glove: The scatter symbol in the Golden Glove casino game is the Golden Glove itself. Just get at least two Golden Gloves and grab multiple rewards on your total bet. Your full bet is multiplied up to 100 times under this feature.

Home Run: To get to the ‘home run’ free spin feature, just spin three or more scattered glove icons from left to right or right to left on the slot machine. You can win nine free games. Here is how: While gambling on the home run feature, three letters ‘H’, ‘I’ and ‘T’ appear on the reels 2, 3 and 4 respectively. You can become the base runner on this free spin feature and get a base hit by spinning the combination of the scattered letters ‘H’, ‘I’ and ‘T’ on the middle reels of the slots. Every scattered ‘hit’ will get you 1, 2, 3 and 4 base hits which will help you complete your circuit of a complete run. On every single run, the triggering bet is doubled and you are also awarded with one free game that is added to the ‘grand slam’ free game feature on the Golden Glove casino game. All the rewards that you get while availing the free spins are doubled.

Grand Slam: You reach the grand slam feature immediately after you have exploited the ‘home run’ feature. The same combination of scattered letter symbols ‘H’, ‘I’ and ‘T’ exist on this feature as well. However, every run that you score on grand slam gets you a reward of 5, 10, 25 or 100 times of your triggering bet. All the rewards under this bet are multiplied by five times. Grand slam is a great opportunity to make a huge amount of money playing Golden Glove. The glove icon does not appear in the grand slam feature. And the batter icon substitutes as ‘I’ in the game on the third reel of the Slot.