Goblin’s Treasure Slots

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Play Goblin’s Treasure Slots

The skies are dark; up on the hill the castle beholds a treasure chamber with tons of golden coins and cash prizes. Follow the path that leads to the underworld where monster soldiers protect the walls of this supreme fortress.

Players will defeat them by spinning the reels of Gobblin’s Treasure where generous payouts and free game bonus rounds make up for an epic adventure, just as if you were playing at your favorite Las Vegas casino slots. Two progressive jackpots deliver a blast of excitement as they trigger at any moment. Get your sword ready and conquer this battle.

How to play Goblin’s Treasure Slots

Start your gaming session by choosing the bet amount you want to play at Gobblin’s Treasure. Remember that by clicking the arrows next to the wager button you can increase or decrease its value from a minimum $0.25 to a maximum $125.00 per turn. Select how many paylines you wish to play, the game has all 25 chosen by default; these can be also increased or decreased. Now you can Hit the spin button and see the reels move on the digitally designed scenario. Players can also configure up to 1000 spins with the Autoplay feature which makes the computer handle this automatically. For every time that you win, the game announces the value of your cash rewards as well as plays a special effect sound depending on the winning combination.

Symbols on the Lines


The symbol acts as a substitute to all the other icons on the reels They appear on reel 1. Prize is multiplied by the number of Gobblins displayed on the actual symbol.

Treasure Chest

Another substitute symbol that appears on reel 5, it doesn’t substitute scattered symbols nor Goblins.

Goblin Castle

A scattered symbol that multiplies winnings according to the original bet value.

Progressive Jackpot feature

Special prize that is triggered at any moment during regular gameplay, the game features a minor and major jackpot with separate values.

Free Games

When a Gobling appears on reel 1 and a Treasure Chest shows up on reel 5, the Free Games Feature begins, this can be retriggered up to 10 times. After the Free game round is over, the Win Win Feature is activated only if the global winnings of the free online casino games are 10 times the initial bet or less. This bonus round gives away payouts of up to 1000x per bet.


Here are some of the rules featured at Goblin’s Treasure, be sure to check them before you play:

  • Scatter wins are added to line wins and Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Maximum prize per turn is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • All symbols pay Left to Right except scattered Goblin Castles, which pay Any.
  • 15 free games are awarded when a Goblin appears anywhere on reel 1 with the Treasure Chest anywhere on reel 5, during normal games.
  • Goblin only appears on reel 1 and substitutes for all other symbols except Treasure Chest and scattered Goblin Castle.

Goblin’s Treasure Slots Strategy

Slot machines require time; this is to understand the essence of the game and also to enjoy the cash prizes delivered at its thematic grounds. Since it uses a random number generator, it is a game of chance as it is hard to state what the next result is going to be. To deal with this, players can prepare their bankroll at first, knowing exactly how much are they going to wager can maximize their cash resulting in a much more longer gaming session. Remember this is about having fun and for that mean, try to balance your bets for them to let you experience all the action longer than trying to wager all at once.


Understand the rules and information on the game, read the payout tables to know exactly what each symbol is worth when found on a winning combo. This is a vital component into making a solid plan when it comes to dealing with slot machines. For instance, if you have a free game round it is essential to know what you need to do on such special event to boost your chances at scoring big cash prizes. If you are a first timer, download the casino software and play for free, this will serve as a great practice session that will really help you into getting a hold of what the game is about. Once you are ready, go inside and make your best bet.

History of Goblin’s Treasure Slots

In old British tales, goblins were referred as bug, meaning a ghost in Welsh. Scottish called them boggles while Celts knew them as bugaboos. These creatures are usually located on a graveyard, cave or in this case, a castle. Some scenes from the movie “Lord of the Rings” show an exact description of a similar thematic background such as the one displayed on Gobblins Treasure. The game is a must played experience for slot machine enthusiasts, just click and enter a castle where you are to reign supreme.


Bet: Chosen wager amount that is played on each round.

Progressive Jackpot: On going cash prize that piles up into a big accumulate prize, it’s given away all at once at any time during gameplay.

Symbols: Animated icons displayed on the reels that create winning combos.

Substitute: Symbols that replace any other symbols except scattered ones.

Scatter: Located anywhere on the reels, they multiply the winnings times the original bet value.

Payline: Line on an online slot machine that defines a victorious reel.

Autoplay: Special option that allows players to select up to 1000 configurable spins done by the computer.