Funky Monkey Slots

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Play Funky Monkey Slots

Play Funky Monkey Slots online at CoolCat Casino and win real prizes! Funky Monkey video slots have groovy music and a Funky Monkey with sunglasses. Get a Monkey symbol on reel five and the Funky symbol on reel one to get into a bonus game. A monkey will play a tune for you. If the audience loves the tune, their applause will be loud and you’ll get free spins. You can win up to 25 free games! You’ll win multipliers if you get either the Funky or the Monkey symbol to get more free spins. Funky Monkey slots will give you more chances of winning the real prizes. You also have a chance of winning the CoolCat Casino jackpot no matter how much you’ve bet.

You can play Funky Monkey video slots online with CoolCat Casino’s instant play feature and start playing Funky Monkey Slots now!

How to play Funky Monkey Slots

The jungle theme of the game gives a wild touch to your gaming experience. The 20 payline online slot is a treat with the Moneky prancing around on the reels and giving you rewards.

The Help button will show you the winning combinations, bonus rounds and rules of this animal themed slots game. Once you understand the basics, the next step is to adjust your bet. Since Funky Monkey is a single line game, all your bet is on that one line. You can bet $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 or $5.00. You can adjust your bet by pressing the arrow buttons to increase and decrease the amount of your wager. If you would rather watch the game more closely and let the computer do its thing, you can use the Autoplay option that makes the spins for you. The game will progress nonstop until you stop the game manually or run out of money. There is also a Lines button that you can press to adjust how many lines you want to play. You must remember that your bet will get divided into lines. So the more lines you play, the less you will win on each line.

Funky Monkey Slot Machine Rules

The rules of Funky Monkey online slot machines are as follows:

  • All symbols in this game pay the player from Left to Right except the scatter symbol banana-bass guitar, which pay any.
  • Your wins on the different paylines are added to the rest of your winnings.
  • All your scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet.
  • These scatter wins are added to your line wins.
  • All your prizes on the paylines are multiplied by your per line bet.
  • Highest win in the game of Funky Monkey online slot is paid only on your single line win.
  • The maximum winning amount in the game is the 40,000 times of your bet per line.
  • Your random jackpot wins are also added to the rest of your wins.

Funky Monkey Slots Strategy

Select three different denominations, the number of spins per denomination, and a naked number, a number that denotes the count of empty spins. Begin with the highest denomination selected, and then move down to the lower denomination once you finish one cycle of spins or reach the naked number. Here’s your four step guide to get the best out of this strategy.

Step 1: Understanding the betting pattern

Under the Three Star online slot strategy, you follow the 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 pattern. It involves 30 total spins with 10 spins at each level. Once you complete one cycle of 10 spins or reach the naked number, move to the lower level and continue playing.

Step 2: Selecting the naked number to drop down to the lower level

Gambling is not a bed of roses all the times. There will be times when you will get nothing but empty spins from an online slot. So, if you keep losing, it won’t be a good idea to wager a higher amount of money. This is where the naked number comes handy. In a cycle of 10 spins, four can be a good choice for a naked number. If you get four empty spins in a row, immediately switch to the lower level of betting.

Step 3: Applying the strategy to the Funky Monkey online slot

Applying the Three Stars online slot strategy to the Funky Monkey slots is not very complex.

Numerous denominations are available in the game. However, to get the best out of your spins, play with all 20 lines on and select $10, $5, and $2 as your bets. Your betting pattern will look like this $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $5 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2 – $2. Follow the pattern, and make a decent amount of money on each winning spin.

Step 4: Spin it!

You now have a betting pattern and a naked number, wait no more and apply it to the Funky Monkey online slot. It’s better to follow this strategy, rather than following no strategy at all while playing online slots. Of course, it is just a method of playing, not a guarantee that you will win.


Like all the other slots games, Funky Monkey slots is also a game of chanceā€¦ but certain careful measures taken can increase your odds of winning by great degrees in the game.

In-depth study of the game rules

It is very important to read the rules of the game first. It will give you a proper understanding of the various bonus features in the game. Going through the rule book of the Funky Monkey online slot will give you a vivid picture on what is the highest reward and what are the payouts attached to the other symbols in the game.

Free casino game

A through practice on the free casino game of the Funky Monkey online slot will bring you face to face with all the intricacies in the game. Play this and the rest of our casino games for fun money to get a practical view on the pattern in which all the bonus features run. This free of charge tutorial is helpful in avoiding any sort of confusion when you play for real.

Keep an eye on the scatter symbol

Pay a particular attention to the image of the banana-bass guitar (scatter symbol) in the game. This is the symbol that will get you the multipliers of up to 100 times. Plus it is very easy to reveal this image as it gets you the multipliers when you reveal two of them anywhere across the reels. You don’t have to follow any specific payline pattern to win the scatter rewards. Sincerely following these tips can help you have a great advantage over the Funky Monkey online slot.

History of Funky Monkey Slots

Funky Monkey online slots is another playful treat from Real Time Gaming. This five reel online slot has Funky Monkeys dressed up in bright and colorful costumes. The three different monkeys on the Funky Monkey online slot are part of a music band with each one playing a different musical instrument. They play three instruments including keyboard, bass and drum.

Playful Monkeys have always fascinated mankind. Looks like the slot developers monkeyed around with the theme to give us an entertaining time on the slots. For instance, the bass guitar is made of bananas! The monkeys are so good with the musical instruments, that the orchestra they produce is close to a human production. Before you go bananas, you should know that portraying monkeys as musicians is not as unrealistic as it sounds! After all human beings are said to have evolved from primates!


Random Jackpot: Random jackpot is the huge jackpot reward that may fall at the conclusion of any game in the slot. In the Funky Monkey online slot there is a continuous ticking window above the reels that keeps reminding that you also have the chance of dropping in a huge jackpot prize regardless of what you bet or win on the reels.

Wild Symbol/Funky Monkey: The term wild symbol refers to that symbol in the game that conveniently substitutes the other symbols on the reel to get you the rewarding combos. In the Funky Monkey online slot, the image of the Funky Monkey is the wild symbol that substitutes all the other symbols in the game to get you the winning combos. The only symbols that it does not replace are the scatter symbol (banana-bass guitar) and bonus icons (the keyboard player, the bass player and the drummer) in the games. The wild symbol of the Funky Monkey reveals itself only on the first, third and fifth reel.

Scatter symbol/Banana-brass guitar: The scatter symbol can be defined as that benevolent symbol in the game that gets you multiple rewards if you reveal a predefined number of the scatter images anywhere across the reels. In the Funky Monkey online slot, the image of the banana-bass guitar is the scatter symbol that drops you multiples of your full bet. Reel in 2, 3, 4 or 5 images of banana-brass guitar anywhere across the reels to get the multiple rewards of 1, 3, 20 or 100 times of your full wager respectively.

Funky Monkey Bonus Round: Funky Monkey bonus round is triggered when you reel in the Funky Monkey logos simultaneously on the first and the fifth reel respectively. When this feature is triggered you’ll be taken to a screen featuring a music band of three Monkeys, including the keyboard player, the bass player and the drummer. Click on any of the band member to listen to the kind of music you wish to listen. There is the audience response bar on the left side of this screen indicating the number of free spins you win. The more the audience will like the music the better is the number of free spins you win. Just listening to the music can get you 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. Download our online casino to win at Funky Monkey!

Funky Monkey Free Spins: Free spins are the free games in the game of slots that you can win only after you have exhausted certain preset requirements. In Funky Monkey online slots, free spins are measured based on your results in the bonus round. Whatever number of free spins you win on the bonus round won’t have any multiplier attached to them. While playing on the free spins, you can win the multipliers every time a Funky or Monkey icon emerges on the reels to substitute other symbols. The Funky and Monkey are the two more wild symbols in the game that become active only under the free spin feature. Every time the images of Funky or Monkey emerge on the reels, it increases your multiplier by one times of your triggering bet. You can win the multipliers of up to 10 times under the free spin feature.