Fruit Frenzy Slots

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Play Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy Basics: Play and get the best online slots payouts from Fruit Frenzy. In the Fruit Frenzy slot machine, there are bananas, oranges, pears, and strawberries, but get the lucky pineapples. They substitute for any other fruit. If you win the Daredevil Feature, you get to shoot the strawberry through a melon target and win one point for each successful shot and get free games according to the points you get in total.

Your prizes are doubled during free games and scatters triple your prizes. Try and hit the bonus feature by getting a five-of-a-kind line! You also have the chance to get the CoolCat Casino jackpot just for playing the Fruit themed slot machine game.You can play Fruit Frenzy online slots right now with CoolCat Casino’s Instant Play feature!

How to play Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy online Slots brings all your favorite circus characters and juicy fruits together on one platform. Our online Slot makers have blended the most delicious fruits with all the entertainers from the circus world, to introduce you to the most unusual gambling experience. Banana ring master, orange clown and pear belle dancer join hands to provide you the virtual thrill of a circus.

Mr. Pineapple conveniently replaces all the other icons in the game, except the scatter symbols to get you mouth-watering winning combos. The fruit and frenzy logos are the two scatter symbols in the Fruit Frenzy online Slots. Spin two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and you’ll be granted with rewards multiplied by your total bet.

Fruit Frenzy online Slot holds loads of surprises for you. Press the help button to learn about these surprises. You can also access a series of instructions that you need to follow to get the rewarding combos and grab astonishing bonuses. Hitting the bet button will help you settle the desired wagering amount for every pay line on each spin. Your betting amount can vary from a penny, two cents, a nickel, a quarter and fifty cents to a dollar or five dollars bet. With the autoplay option the online Slot machine will spin the reels mechanically on its own by following the preferences selected by you. You can discontinue this automated gameplay by pushing the stop button. If you run out of funds, the game will end on its own. Pin the line button for selecting the number of lines you want to play on. Make it a point to follow the sequence of the 20 pay lines on the reel, while picking up the desired number of lines you wish to gamble on. For instance, you cannot play on the pay lines in the order of 3, 17, 2 or 14. Instead you can select the pay lines in progression from 1, 2, 3, 4, or so on.

Spin five images of a kind on any of the active reels and discover the most dramatic daredevil feature in the Fruit Frenzy online Slot for every five-of-a-kind spin. Under this feature, the pineapple man lights up the fire and shoots out the scared strawberry in the rockmelon canon. In every round you will be given three attempts to shoot. The more strawberries you hit in the canon, the more free games you win. After you have exploited the daredevil feature, you can play with these free spin games on the 25 pay lines of this online Slot and bet per line. While you are playing with the free games, all your wins per line will be automatically doubled and the scatter wins are tripled.

Find the autospin tab at the bottom of the screen which will set the machine to play the game automatically for you. Click on the options menu under autoplay to customize your parameters and the game will proceed further as per your preferences. If you wish to leave in the middle of the game, hit the stop button to bring the game to a pause and you can conveniently rejoin later.

Players who are on the look out for those extra details or those who have doubts about what are the rewarding combos, can hit the help button. This option will give you good details on how to play, payout percentages and a tiny view of how each line moves. Bet tab gives you the freedom of increasing or decreasing the size of your betting amount as per requirements.

Random jackpot brings an ultimate opportunity for Fruit Frenzy online Slot players to make money off the reels as well. At the end of every spin, the ticking window above the reels might just randomly throw a massive jackpot reward. The jackpot wins are added to your other game winnings.

Rules for Fruit Frenzy Online Slot

Carefully go through these details on the rules of the Fruit Frenzy online Slot for an efficient gameplay.

  • Besides the scatter fruit and the scatter frenzy, all the other symbols in the Fruit Frenzy online Slot pay from the left to right. The two scatter symbols will pay both from left to right or right to left.
  • Your winnings on the varied pay lines are added to the sum of your winning total. Spin 2, 3, 4 or 5 scattered fruits on the reels and multiply your full bet by 2, 4, 20, or 200 times, respectively. Like wise, spin 2, 3, 4 or 5 scattered frenzies on the reels and your total bet will be multiplied by 1, 2, 10 or 100 times, respectively.
  • Your scatter wins will be multiplied based on your total bet while the pay line wins are multiplied based on your bet per line.
  • Your scatter rewards are added to your pay line winnings.
  • The highest winning amount in this fun online casino game of Fruit Frenzy online Slot is 40,000 times of your bet for every pay line on each spin.

Fruit Frenzy Slots Strategy

About a couple of years ago, a movie called Ocean’s Thirteen was released in Hollywood. The movie is all about stealing money from a casino. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his crew rig a casino named The Bank on its opening night. They steal money at almost every game available in the casino by hook or by crook. But here we’ll talk about the the strategy Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) uses to hit the jackpot on a progressive slot machine. He follows a specific counting pattern very similar to the 1-3-2-6 system while inserting the coins in the slot machine. As heard on Rusty’s ear piece, the counting strategy consists of three sequences, but only the first sequence is heard. The other two are not talked about. Hence, the exact counting system is hard to discuss. But hey, here’s a system that’s almost identical to the one used by Rusty.

The system is called the 1-3-2-6 system. It is a positive progression system, and works best when you’re winning. However, to apply it on the fruit frenzy online slot, we have customized the strategy a little bit. The available denomination in the fruit frenzy slots are: $1.25, $2.50, $6.25, $12.50, $25.00, and $125. There are six denominations available but the system needs to you to bet only four times, if you keep winning in a row. Begin betting at $1.25. Increase your bet to $2.50 if you win. Follow the pattern and place your third bet of $12.50. If you win again, place your last bet of $6.50 and complete one cycle. At any stage in the sequence, if you lose, revert to initial bet worth $1.25. The beauty of the system is that you can win better as compared to a flat-betting system. Who knows this system will help you hit the jackpot. After all, online slots are all random and each spin is independent of other spins. But if this strategy does not work, follow your gut feeling and continue to play online slots in the way that appeals to you.


Fruit Frenzy is one of many online slot games offered by CoolCat Casino, but this one in particular, brings you some great opportunities. You would not want to lose out on these massive offers by overlooking some useful tips.

The most essential tip for efficient gambling on this online Slot is to have a high performance battery on your computers. It will speed up your game-play by great degrees which will quickly lead you the highest level in the game to reap the top-most rewards.

Try to reveal the combos of three similar icons on the active reels. Once you have gathered a decent number, try to get four or five like-symbols on the reels with the higher rewards tagged. Concentrate more on pineapple, strawberry, orange and pears for better rewards.

Take the help from images of pineapple (wild symbol) and fruit and frenzy (scatter logos), to get some juicy combinations, free spins and multiple rewards. Lucky gamblers can consider coins worth 0.01 to 5 to seize the topmost reward of 10,000 coin value. Don’t lose your heart if you are not fortunate enough to get those rewarding combos on the reels, because random progressive jackpot lets you win off-the-reel jackpot.

Make a sincere effort to get more and more scatter wins while playing on the free games, because your rewards are tripled by your total bet under this feature. It is also more convenient to get scatter wins, as unlike all the other symbols on the reels, scatter symbols pay both from left to right and right to left.

History of Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy online casino slots has its roots in the craze for circuses in America. Close to the 20th century, American circuses were increasingly performing on a mega scale with more than 12,000 spectators for every show. The game makers of Real Time Gamming seem to have zeroed in on this trend and exploited the theme to invent a unique and immersive Fruit Frenzy online casino Slot.

However the creative bent of mind of game makers has resulted in a more exotic offering: colourful images of circus characters merging with a variety of juicy fruits. For instance, the peach clown, banana ring master, pear belle dancer, pineapple man (wild symbol), grape spectator with popcorns, melon canon, daredevil strawberry and colorful balloons. This online slots is based on the theme of fun-fair is a good break from the realistic images of other Slot machine games.

Real Time Gamming has used very regular and plain sounds for the rotation of reels and the small wins, so that players are not side-tracked from their main objective of making the winning combos. However, some jazzy musical sounds that reminds one of a rocking circus band, follows huge winnings and brings in a circus mood.

You must have seen the variety of daring adventures being performed by the circus man on the canon. The Fruit Frenzy online casino Slot won’t let you miss out on this audacious fun with the pineapple man lighting up the fuse and shooting the daredevil strawberry image into the rockmelon canon in the Daredevil bonus round. The more hits in the canon will call for more free games.


Random Jackpot: Random jackpot is the most exotic feature that gives an extra dimension to the game play. Besides making money on the reels, this jackpot feature gives you an advantage of winning huge rewards off the reel as well. No matter what combos you get on the active reels, the ticking window just above the reels might throw a random jackpot reward which is added to your other winnings.

The Pineapple: The wild symbol in the Fruit Frenzy online casino Slot is the image of a pineapple, as a circus trainer. Leaving aside the two icons including, the fruit and the frenzy (the scatter symbols), the pineapple icon substitutes the rest of the icons on the active playlines to get you the winning combos. If you spin two, three, four or five pineapple symbols on the reel, you can grab 10, 200, 2,000 or 10,000 coins respectively. The latter most coin value is the topmost reward on the Fruit Frenzy online casino Slot.

Fruit and Frenzy: The two logos, the fruit and the frenzy are the two scatter icons in the Fruit Frenzy online casino Slot. Getting two or more of any of these two symbols, anywhere across the active reels, will reap multiple values of your triggering bet. Revealing two, three, four or five logos of fruit on the reels, will multiply your total bets by 2, 4, 20, or 200 times respectively. Similarly, if you spin two, three, four or five logos of frenzy on the reels, it will multiply your full wager by 1, 2, 10 or 100 times respectively.

Daredevil Bonus Round: The Fruit Frenzy online slots provides an extremely worthwhile daredevil bonus feature. As the name of this feature suggests that it is definitely not an easy deal, but it surely holds sweeping rewards for you. To get this feature triggered, you will have to spin a combination of the five similar sorts of images on any active reel. Once you have got this ultimate combo, you are all set for shooting the icon of the daredevil strawberry into the rockmelon target. For every correct shot, you will avail one point. Based on your total points, you will be rewarded with the free games as soon as this bonus round is over.

Free Spins: The free spin feature is triggered the very moment you have completed your bonus round on the Fruit Frenzy online casino Slot. The number of games that you have won in the bonus round can be played on the 25 playlines. You can bet on every line. Under this free spin feature, all your line wins are doubled whereas the scatter rewards are tripled.