Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

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Play Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

Enter a stadium where a juicy blast of fruits competing for the glory, create a football experience where the trophy is raised as this slot machine gives away fantastic prizes.

A colorful scenario filled with animated symbols, great tunes and the ultimate sports fruit frenzy, Fruit Bowl XXV is the greatest championship game ever.

Get special payouts for 3, 4, or 5 of a kind symbols as well as free game rounds and wagering multipliers with the maximum prize being 50,000 times a bet. Get your best offense ready and face the opponents to reign supreme on the filed where a bowl of cash rewards waits inside the best USA casino, CoolCat.

How to play Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

First step is to select the wagering amount by clicking the arrows next to the bet button on the main screen. You can increase or decrease the value from a minimum $0.25 to a maximum $125.00 per turn, remember that you can change your bet at the end of each spin unless you have chosen the autoplay mode. Next, choose out of 25 paylines how many are you going to play, standard set up has all 25 selected to be played at once. Hit the Spin button and see the reels move, one by one, each reel will display a specific symbol.

At the end of the round the game itself will let you know if you won and what was the cash reward for such matter. If manually spinning the reels each time is not your thing, the Autoplay allows players, between many things, to set up to 1000 spins to be done by the computer.

Symbols on the Lines


The symbol substitutes any other icon on the reels except scattered ones. Depending on how many a player lands on the reels, a payout value is given away up to 7000x.

Fruit Bowl XXV

A scattered symbol multiplies winnings by the total bet amount. The symbol can be displayed anywhere on the reels.

Progressive Jackpot feature

Bonus prize made up of an accumulative prize value that is given away at once at any time during the game. Both Minor and Major jackpot are triggered separately.

Free Games

When a player lands 3 or more scattered Fruit Bowl XXV symbols, the special Fruit Bowl Feature is triggered. At first a football field pops up on the screen, the player must bypass up to 4 opponents consecutively to score a touchdown. To achieve this, the user can select a different move or “play” on each turn; for each opponent beaten, five free casino games bonus rounds are awarded. If you get tackled, the special feature is over. The Win Win feature is activated as soon as the Fruit Bowl Feature ends; if the total winnings on this previous feature equal 10 times or less the original bet, the Win Wni feature delivers an instant payout of 250x your original wager.


Here are some of the rules featured at Fruit Bowl XXV, be sure to check them before you play casino free games:

  • Grape substitutes for all other symbols except scattered “Fruit Bowl XXV.”
  • Top cash award on a single wager is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Scatter wins are added to line wins and Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • The “Fruit Bowl” Feature is triggered when 3 or more scattered “Fruit Bowl XXV” appear on a normal game.
  • All symbols pay left to right except the scatter symbol which pays in any direction.

Fruit Bowl XXV Slots Strategy

As with all games of chance, patience is the greatest ally for the player on the quest to score great prizes. When you play online slot games, a random number generator is used in order to produce the random results found at the game. With all this said, it is advisable know exactly how much money are you wagering on Fruit Bowl XXV, this to have a starting point on what your bankroll size will be. The length of the game is sometimes defined by how much cash you have. As with all topics regarding casinos, go at a steady pace so you can first have fun and make the most out of it, as you begin winning and knowing the game, start raising your bet progressively.


First of all, check the help button on the main menu screen at the game and read the payout table thoroughly. This information is very helpful when it comes to knowing exactly how much money are you winning and why. Not really understanding what the prizes are can compromise the outcome of your strategy and bankroll status. First time users can take advantage of the Fun Money mode when downloading the casino software as they can practice for free. This can really set the difference as it trains the player into really getting a sense of the game.

History of Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

The Super Bowl has now become a landmark game among football enthusiasts as the pinnacle of what the game represents. Originally created as a match between the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL), the Super Bowl has seen many teams win the desired trophy, thus they have established dynasties such as the Packers, 49ers and Steelers just to name a few. Musical performances on the half-time have also gain recognition as it is an event watched my millions around the world. Fruit Bowl XXV turns the field into a gaming paradise where great cash rewards are given away for the one who scores the glorious touchdown.


Bet: Selected wager that is played on every gaming round.

Progressive Jackpot: Monetary prize that accumulates itself on a consistent basis, until it is triggered at random at any moment during gameplay.

Symbols: Special animated icons that have individual payout value when appearing on the reels.

Substitute: Acts as a replacement for other symbols exposed on the reels with the exception of scattered ones.

Scatter: Symbol that is located anywhere on the reels and multiplies the bet.

Payline: Line on an online slot machine assigned to a specific reel.

Autoplay: Configurable option that sets up to 1000 spins to be conducted by the computer.