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Food Fight

Food Fight screenshot 1
Food Fight screenshot 2
Food Fight screenshot 3

Play Food Fight

Food Fight Online Slots is one of CoolCat Casino’s popular free casino games ever. Food Fight video Slot Machine has the biggest available jackpot, which you can win just by playing. The best part about Food Fight online slots is that it’s a 5 reel 9 line video slot machine. It’s filled with bonus rounds, fun, real cash prizes and a big jackpot! Activate the Food Fight bonus round by getting the Pie Plate, Pie Filling and Cherry icons. You’ll go into a room with 5 characters, so get ready to fling pies to them! Choose which person you want to throw your pie at. If you hit the person, you’ll get free credits, and don’t miss! Once you miss, you come out of the Food Fight Bonus round.

You can win another Food Fight bonus round by getting Ice Cream Cone, Ice Cream, and the Ice Cream Toppings! What do you get? The Food Fight Online Slots cash prize! You get your winning combo from burgers, tomatoes, pizza, cherry pie, spaghetti, and chocolate mousse to get you into a really big food fight! Keep your eye out on the delicious chocolate mousse, get five across a line and you win the jackpot!

How to play Food Fight

FOOD FIGHT is a 5-reel online slots game which can be played in denominations of $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00.Combine your favorite foods and load up on ammunition for the food fight in this 5-reel slot game and win grand prizes on a gourmet spree.

With the same attributes as the 3 reel slot games, Food Fight video slot is an enhanced version of the slot game developed by RTG for an enticing online gaming experience.

Start playing by adding credits to the machine from your balance by clicking on the chip denomination of your choice. Players may add any amount of credits depending on the their account balance. This can be done by clicking on the chips present in the lower right corner of the interface.

Determine how many credits you would like to wager on a spin.

Select how many lines you would like to wager on. You can wager up to 9 lines at a time.

Click Select Lines to add additional lines to your wager. Each line will light up on the display in different colors to show you the payline.

After selecting the numbers of lines you would like to wager on press ‘Bet One’ to wager 1-5 credits on each line. Pressing Bet One again adds a second coin and so on.

Press the Spin Reel button once you are satisfied with your wager amount.

Players can also press Bet Max to wager 45 coins which automatically spin the reels.


The Food Fight Slots has six main icons to form regular line combinations for a win. The symbols are: chocolate mousse, spaghetti, cherry pie, pizza, tomatoes and burgers.

Max Bet

Wager up to 45 coins at a single time on Food Fight and you will be eligible for the Max Bet. This will play the maximum bet consisting of 9 paylines and 45 coins giving you the maximum chance to win.

Scatter Icons and Free Spins

When six scatter icons group together in three winning combinations, the player wins extra bonus prizes.

  1. The ice-cream bonus feature needs three icons; a cone, an ice-cream and a topping. Spin these icons across the reels to trigger the Bonus and Watch the icons animate off the reels. They then combine at the centre of the screen to form a mouth watering ice-cream treat. More importantly they bring along a cash prize.
  2. The Food Fight bonus comes with three icons; a pie plate, a filling and a cherry. Spin these icons across the reels to trigger the bonus round. You will find a room with five characters in front of a blackboard. There are five pies ready to be flung on the woman holding a French book, a fretful man, a scared boffin, a rotund granny cook, and a long-haired hippy. Choose any one of them in any order and click to throw. Each successful hit will grant you some credits, but remember the game ends when you miss.
Payout Table
Symbol1st Coin2nd Coin3rd Coin4th Coin5th Coin
5 – 1000
4 – 500
3 – 100
2 – 10
5 – 2000
4 – 1000
3 – 200
2 -20
5 – 3000
4 – 1500
3 -300
2 -30
5 – 4000
4 – 2000
3 – 400
2 -40
5 – 6250
4 – 2500
3 – 500
2 – 50
5 -500
4 – 250
3 – 50
2 – 4
5 – 1000
4 – 500
3 – 100
2 – 8
5 – 1500
4 – 750
3 – 150
2 -12
5 – 2000
4 – 1000
3 – 200
2 -16
5 – 3500
4 – 1250
3 – 250
2 -20
5 – 150
4 – 75
3 – 5
5 -300
4 – 150
3 – 10
5 -450
4 – 225
3 – 15
5 -600
4 – 300
3 – 20
5 – 1250
4 – 375
3 – 25
5 -250
4 – 100
3 – 10
2 – 2
5 – 500
4 – 200
3 – 20
2 – 4
5 – 750
4 – 300
3 – 30
2 – 6
5 – 1000
4 – 400
3 – 40
2 – 8
5 – 1750
4 – 500
3 – 50
2 – 10
5 – 100
4 – 50
3 – 3
5 – 200
4 – 100
3 – 6
5 – 300
4 – 150
3 – 9
5 – 400
4 – 200
3 – 12
5 – 625
4 – 250
3 – 15
5 – 75
4 – 25
3 – 2
5 – 150
4 – 50
3 – 4
5 – 225
4 – 75
3 – 6
5 – 300
4 – 100
3 – 8
5 – 425
4 – 125
3 – 10

Note: The game has 19 possible winning combinations and the minimum coin size is $0.01 and the maximum is $5.00.Play up to 45 coins per spin and win the highest prize of of $6250 on $225 maximum bet.

Food Fight Strategy

Food Fight is considered one of CoolCat’s best slots thanks to its multi- betting option thus increasing your chances of reeling in huge prizes. However, you need to play strategically in order to make the most of these winning opportunities.

Bet with Maximum Coins

You need to bet with maximum five coins in order to qualify for higher payouts in the Food Fight online Slot. This can be clearly explained using a simple example.

Let’s assume that you bet with only one coin and reel in five images of chocolate mousse on a single payline. This will get you a reward of 1000 coins which is good but you might feel bad when you find that you missed out on the highest reward of 6,250 coins by just 4 more coins.

Betting with maximum coins will bear better results even when you trigger the Ice cream scatter or Food Fight bonus rounds. Both these bonus rounds reward you an amount relative to your total bet on the spin. So, if you bet with maximum coins you can win up to 3,960 coins. The higher your bet, the better are the rewards that these bonuses will reel in for you.

Play with Maximum Coins

It is not enough to wager with maximum coins. You also need to play on all the paylines. The Food Fight offers nine paylines to expand your winning odds. Select all the nine paylines, if you want to make the most of these odds.

Let’s assume that you bet five coins on a single payline and spin the highest paying combination of five images of a chocolate mousse on the payline that you have not selected. To avoid any such displeasing situation make sure you select all the paylines. Selecting less number of paylines means reducing your odds of winning on the Food Fight video Slot.

Selecting all the paylines also increases your odds of triggering the ice cream scatter and food fight bonus rounds. These bonus rounds get triggered only when you reveal the scattered pieces of ice cream cone and pie anywhere onto the reels. It will be disappointing if any one piece of your ice-cream cone or pie spins itself on the payline that you didn’t select.

CoolCat Casino doesn’t promise that these strategies will get 100 per cent results but you can check them out on your own by testing them on the free casino game of the Food Fight video Slot. If they work, you can apply these tricks on the other online slot machines as well.


Food Fight Slot being the same as any other game of chance, there are no strategies but there are some simple tips that you can utilize. If you focus on these tips you have a better chance of winning and having fun as well.

  1. Knowledge: This is the most important thing that you should possess before you undertake any activity. So in the case for playing slots, you should gather all the information concerning the number of coins to insert, winning combinations of symbols and rewards. Before inserting the coin, try and read all the information and material displayed on the interface specially the payout.
  2. Paytable: Payout tables tell you how much you can win for each combination and every online slot machine has one. Familiarize yourself with the payout percentage and check the figures. It is important that gamers read game reviews, as they give you important clues on how best to play the slot game.
  3. Go for the Highest Win: Always play the maximum number of coins to go for the highest prize because it is the ultimate objective of any game. Other wise you are simply blowing up your bankroll.
  4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Get a grip on the speed of your play, slow down and take your time. The faster you play without pausing, the better it is for the casino and the slower you play, the better it is for you. This is so because when you make haste you play blindly without any focus and direction, then you waste your chances of winning.
  5. Finance: This might seem negative … talking about loss before you start, but in reality it is one of the most positive tips for a gambling spree. Set a loss limit on your bankroll for each gaming session and don’t exceed that limit. Players tend to get frustrated and careless especially when they are losing Discipline yourself and don’t lose control of your senses. Stick to what you originally decided.

History of Food Fight

The first slot machine was invented by a mechanic called Charles Fey. Christened as the Liberty Bell, slot machines have become one of the most popular modes of recreation and gaming experiences. The original bulky slot machines have undergone several changes and developments in course of time. And in this age of the “world wide web,” online slots machines enhanced with new themes, symbols and more sophisticated technology such as the random number generator have taken us to the pinnacle of entertainment.

Developed by RTG, online slot machines such as Food Fight are quite different from those mechanical ones in land based casinos. The game was developed to cater to the expectations of those who play at the virtual level. With just a click on a mouse the reels spin making it a lot easier on the arm. However, the land casino feeling is not totally sacrificed.Instead of playing straight from players’ accounts, players monitor their progress by placing coins into the machine just like a real slot. While playing Food Fight at the best USA casino online, the odds and chances at winning are higher as the land based ones and you get to have fun right from the comfort of your home.


45 coins: is a 9-line bet with 5 credits wagered on each of the 9 lines.

Bonus Feature: An additional way to win over and above matching symbols on the reels with a bonus feature to experience and make further wins.

Bonus Video Slot: A video slot machine with a bonus features such as free spins.

Buy A Pay: A slot machine that has several pay tables where each additional coin played activates additional pay tables.

Coins: The units of currency that slots can be played in.

Coin Size: The actual value of each of the coins

Hit Rate or Frequency: The term used to describe how often a slot machine pays a winning combination. Can also be used to describe how often a bonus game hits.

Max Bet: The highest possible bet in coins for a game. For example in a five reel, five line slot if you bet five coins per line the max bet is 25 coins (5 x 5 = 25)

Multi-Line: Any slot machine that has more than one line on which you can line up wins.

Pay Line: The lines on which you need to combine the symbols for a win.

Pay Out Percentage: The percentage of bets that a slot machine will pay back over the long term. This is set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by casinos.

Pay Table: The chart that depicts all the wins and their corresponding payouts.

Random Number Generator (RNG): A modern development, it is the computer chip inside the slot machine that determines where the reels stop.

Reels: The section of the slot machine that spins when you press spin or pull the handle. Can be actual spinning reels as in land based casinos or video reels displayed on a screen.

Scatter Pay: This is the pay out most commonly found on video slots that wins without having to line up. It also activates the bonus feature or bonus game.


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