Fame and Fortune Slots

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Play Fame and Fortune Slots

Fame and Fortune Basics: Play Fame and Fortune slots online at CoolCat Casino and win huge payouts! Walk into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and grab your chance to win the CoolCat Casino jackpot too! Watch out for the Fame and Fortune symbols to get free games. Your prizes are doubled during the first 5 games and tripled during the next 5! Get the Fame symbol on reel one and the Fortune symbol on reel five to win free games.

In Fame and Fortune video slots, the Glamour Gal is the substitute symbol. She substitutes for all other symbols except Diamonds, Fame and Fortune. She’ll also double your prizes. Diamonds are scatter symbols during free games. Three or more diamonds will win you 10 more free casino games! With Glamour Gal by your side, your chances or winning the big payout is multiplied. You can play Fame and Fortune video slots online with CoolCat Casino’s Instant Play feature or you can download and play.

How to play Fame and Fortune Slots

After the success of the Big Shot online slots, Real Time Gaming slot makers seem to have revisited the theme of Hollywood glamour in the Fame and Fortune online slots. The vibrant background and animated characters will take you by surprise because they are so obviously different from the regular slot fare.

All the icons in the game — ancient car, trophy, diamond and the glamour girl can actually spin you into a world of splendid rewards. Five icons of Hollywood-logo combined with the image of the glamour girl will take you to the highest reward of 50,000 times.

In the Fame and Fortune online slots, both the icons of wild and scatter have special attributes. The glamour girl is the wild symbol in the game. You would surely feel attracted to this damsel, when she reveals herself on the second, third and fourth reels to get you winning combos plus ‘doubled’ rewards. There are three scatter symbols in the game, including the diamond, the Fame and the Fortune icons. So, you can well imagine the multipliers that these scatters will bring. The diamond symbol becomes active only under the free casino online games feature. The Fame and Fortune logos will emerge regularly through the game on the first and the fifth reel respectively.

If you spin both the Fame and Fortune logos on the first and the fifth reel simultaneously, you can win 10 free games. The diamond symbol reveals itself under the free spin feature to get you 10 more free games which will start playing once you are done with initial 10 free spins. The random jackpot certainly adds an extra level of excitement to the game by getting you huge off- the reel rewards.

Hit the help tab to know the details on the winning combinations and the rewarding bonus rounds in the game. You can set your bet by pressing the bet button. The denomination for your per payline bet ranges from $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00 to $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 to $100.00. You can select the number of lines by clicking the line button. Make sure you choose the paylines in their default sequence. There are total 20 paylines on the right and left side of the reels. Pressing the spin button will spin the reels manually. However, autoplay is a more convenient option that lets you play the game automatically based on your preferences, off course. These parameters can be set by selecting the various selections under the options menu. You can bring the game to a close by pressing the auto stop tab. But, the game will stop on its own if you are out of cash.

Rules for Fame and Fortune Online Slot

The rules of the Fame and Fortune online slot will guide you through an effective gameplay.

  • All the symbols in the slot will pay you from left to right in the game except for the three scatter symbols diamond, Fame and Fortune that pays you any.
  • The prizes that you win on various paylines will be added to the rest of your winnings in the game.
  • Your scatter rewards are multiplied by the total stake which is further added to your line wins.
  • All your line prizes get multiplied by your bet single line bets.
  • Your wins on the first five spins will be doubled by your triggering bet while all your prizes are tripled on the other five games.
  • The highest prize in the Fame and Fortune online slot is the 50,000 times of your per payline bet in every spin. You can avail this reward only on single line win.
  • The jackpot rewards get added to your other rewards in the game.
  • The free spin feature in the game can be retriggered.

Fame and Fortune Slots Strategy

A wise man once said, “Be careful with anything that involves money.” Gambling is no exception. It involves risking money to win money. Slots are a means of gambling and involve the risk of losing money too. Particularly true of slots, you need luck to win your share of money from them. Still, if you apply a good strategy while playing slots, you can increase your chances of winning. Follow the Standard Deviation Strategy and maximize your chances of winning at the Fame and Fortune online slots. The strategy includes two steps:

Step 1: Find the Standard Deviation

Before you apply the strategy to the Fame and Fortune online slot, you need to find the standard deviation between the wins. To do so, take a piece of paper. Start counting the number of spins it takes you to get a winning spin. For instance, if you win on 10th spin, jot it down on paper. Repeat this process for not less than 20 times. In the end, find the lowest and the highest number of spins it took to get the winning spin. Let’s say, you get 10 as the lowest number and 20 as the highest number. Then the standard deviation for the spins will be 15. It’s the perfect time to move on to step 2.

Step 2: Apply the Standard Deviation

The standard deviation indicates the number of a potentially winning spin. In our example, a standard deviation of 15 means every 15th spin is a potentially winning spin. Keep placing small bets for 14 spins and increase your bet to the maximum on the 15th spin. Again, this is just an estimate and not a magic number.

This method anyways helps you make a more informed decision when it comes to betting on y online slots. Luck has played its part in gambling so far and will continue playing its part in future as well. Rest assured, the Standard Deviation Strategy will spare you losses, even if it does not guarantee you a win.


The wonderful ways in which you can win rewards in the Fame and Fortune slots online is reason enough for you to try this game. You can experience the richness of Hollywood with every spin, but if you want to taste success, make sure you follow the tips below:

The high-end animations, musical effects and visual aids employed by Real Time Gaming do complete justice to the game themes. So stick to the best USA casino, CoolCat, which offer the same.

If you have to make the most out of the magnificent features, you will need to keep your ears and eyes open. Fame and Fortune offers three scatter symbols, including, the diamond, Fame and Fortune logos. These three scatter symbols amplify your odds of winning huge rewards in the game.

Now, if you want to make the best out of these three scatter symbols you will need to follow certain pointers. The image of diamond reveals itself only in the free spin bonus round. So don’t waste your time searching for diamond on the active reels, but just concentrate on the Fame and Fortune logos to get your rewards multiplied.

The Fame and Fortune logos also help you trigger the free spin feature with the 10 free games. Once the feature is triggered, shift your attention to the image of diamond that can get 10 free games more if you spin three or more of them.

If you are keen on learning more useful tricks to enhance your odds of winning in the game, try your hand at the free casino game of the Fame and Fortune online slot. Playing the free casino version of Fame and Fortune online slots will give you a practical view of how the features work.

History of Fame and Fortune Slots

The theme of Fame and Fortune online slots is Hollywood. While another related theme, Big Shot online slots brings into light a contemporary celebrity award show, Fame and Fortune online slots celebrates the lifestyle of Hollywood stars.

It is in fact retro on the reels. In place of a trendy sports car, there is an old red automobile. Even the images of celebrities has a 70’s touch.

The images include the ancient car, a trophy, diamond and a glamour girl. Soak in the Hollywood ambience and see if it brings you any good fortune. The beautiful glamour girl is the wild symbol in the game helping you get rewarding combos. The diamond, Fame icon and Fortune icon are the three scatter symbols in the game.

These images spin on the reels to the accompaniment of trumpets int eh background, echoing the olden times. So, go ahead and be the part of the rich life of Fame and Fortune and feel like a star personality yourself.


Random Jackpot: The random jackpot feature is the most interesting feature in the game of online slots that might drop random rewards at the end of any spin. So, who knows you might be just a spin away from this rich jackpot? In the game of Fame and Fortune online slot you’ll find this jackpot growing every second in the ticking random jackpot window just above the reels. Be attentive at the conclusion of every spin hoping for the huge pot. The random jackpot feature is independent of your bet and your wins on the reels.

Wild Symbol/Glamour Girl: The wild symbol in the game of slots is a substituting symbol that can elevate your odds by helping you produce a winning combo. In the Fame and Fortune online slots, the Glamour Girl is the wild symbol who reveals herself on the second, third and fourth reels to replace all the other icons in the game and help you create rewarding combos. The Glamour Girl does not substitute for the image of Diamond and the Fame and Fortune logos in the game. However, if you are able to produce a winning combination with her help then your reward is automatically doubled.

Scatter Symbol/Diamond, Fame and Fortune: The scatter symbol is a special feature in the game of slots that grants you multiple rewards if you are able to reveal a predefined number of scatters anywhere across the reels. There are three scatter symbols in the game of Fame and Fortune online slots. One scatter symbol is the image of the diamond that emerges on the second, third, fourth or fifth reel to get you a multiplier of 2, 5, 20 or 100 on your total stake. But this diamond symbol will reveal itself only while you are playing on the free casino games. The Fame and Fortune logos are two other scatter symbols in the Fame and Fortune online slot. The former appears on the first reel only while the latter shows up only on the fifth reel. Spin both the logos simultaneously to get a reward which is two times your total betting amount plus 10 free games.

Fame and Fortune Free Spins Bonus Round: The free spins feature is a wonderful bonus in the game that gets you an opportunity to win free games by fulfilling certain predefined requirements. In the Fame and Fortune online slot you can reach the free bonus round by revealing the Fame logo on the first reel and the Fortune logo on the fifth reel together.

Spin both these logos in the above mentioned pattern and you’ll be entitled not only to a multiple cash prize but also 10 free spins. On the first five spins all your winnings are doubled by your triggering bet whereas for the rest of the five spins, all rewards are tripled. Under the free spins feature the diamond symbol emerges as another scatter symbol that helps you create quick rewarding combos. If you manage to reveal three or more images of diamonds during the free spins, you win 10 extra free spins. These extra set of free spins that you win will start once you are done with the previous bunch of 10 free games.

Paylines: Payline is the line with preset patterns which when achieved fetch generous prizes. In the Fame and Fortune online slot there are total 20 paylines having varied patterns and amazing rewards.