Coat of Arms

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Play Coat of Arms

Travel back in time to an era when castles ruled the skyline, chivalry was the norm, and knights defended the honor of the kingdom without ever asking any questions. Welcome to Coat of Arms, an extraordinarily epic slot machine game where you get to play the part of the knight in shining armor and hunt for hidden riches!

The king and queen are living in the lap of luxury—all while commoners struggle to make a loaf of bread last a full week. Taxes are out of control, villages are crumbling, and morale is low. But there is hope—and its name is YOU. Hidden in the dungeon of the castle, way out of reach of peasants, are extraordinary riches beyond anyone’s wild imagination. Jewels, gold, silver, and enough wealth to make everyone feel like a king.

Your job is to infiltrate the kingdom by donning a knight’s armor. Then, brandish your sword and pretend you’re one of them. Race across drawbridges, bypass moats, and sneak through the Great Hall to discover wealth beyond your wildest dreams. With 25 paylines, two big jackpots, and Wild and Scatter symbols that change the game, there’s huge opportunity to become both rich AND a hero to everyone in the kingdom.

How to play Coat of Arms

While getting into a knight’s armor might feel like a royal pain, playing Coat of Arms is anything but. To discover all those hidden riches, just select the amount you’d like to wager and pick the number of paylines you’d like to play. You can play anywhere from one to 25 paylines. Once you’ve decided, hit the Spin button.

Watch out for two different symbols—the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol. The White Knight is the Scatter symbol. Hit two or more (anywhere on the reels) and a re-spin feature will automatically be retriggered. All White Knight wins will be multiplied by whatever the triggering bet was, and all prizes will automatically be awarded. The Black Knight is the Wild symbol. Hit one of those in any winning combination and your prize will automatically double!

Coat of Arms Slot Game Rules

Knights live by a set of rules. In Coat of Arms, you’ll need to play by the rules, too. But don’t worry, there aren’t too many rules that you need to know Just set your bet and hit spin. We’ll take care of paying you out according to the online casino rules. Here’s a look at the major ones:

  • All symbols in Coat of Arms pay out left to right, with the exception of Scatter and Wild symbols.
  • You’ll find two different jackpots—a minor jackpot and a major jackpot—and hitting either one of them is completely random.

Coat of Arms Strategy

There’s a huge debate on whether online casino slots strategies actually work. While our winning online casino players boast about all kinds of different strategies that work to their advantage, we think the best strategy to start with is smart bankroll management.

If you’re new to playing online slots, make sure you bring no more than half your bankroll to the game. While the goal is to win, if you don’t come out on top the first time you search for riches in Coat of Arms, you’ll still have money to play with when you come back for a second round.


Want to speed up the online casino action—and your chance to win—in Coat of Arms? Just set the game to AutoPlay. Instead of waiting for you to hit Spin to find out whether you won cash, Coat of Arms will do everything for you. We’ll use your last locked in bet and the number of paylines you last selected, and then hit spin for you. That means you can win faster after being paid out.

History of Coat of Arms

With White and Black Knights, swords, moats, castles, dungeons, and major wealth lurking in nooks and crannies, Coat of Arms is definitely rich and deep in history. But while it might make you feel like you’ve travelled way back in time, the game itself offers a the latest casino games technology and an extremely cutting-edge and modern approach.

Brought to you by CoolCat Casino, Coat of Arms brings you incredibly fast action, a huge amount of excitement, and potential riches literally seconds away with every spin.


Wondering what certain terminology means? Our Coat of Arms glossary has all the answers.

Scatter Symbol: This special symbol is represented by the White Knight in Coat of Arms. By landing on two or more White Knights, you’ll trigger the re-spin feature where you’ll have the opportunity to win again. As an added bonus, any White Knight win will be multiplied by whatever the triggering bet happened to be.

Wild Symbol: Look for the Black Knight in any winning combination and you’ll see your prize automatically double.

Autoplay: Tired of wasting seconds between spins? Sit back and let us do all the work. By activating the Autoplay function, we’ll automatically spin for you. If you win, we’ll pay you out and spin again as soon as we’ve awarded you with your prize. And if you don’t win on a spin? We’ll get down to business and spin again to help you find the Coat of Arms treasure—faster.