Bunko Bonanza Slots

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Play Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza Basics: Bunko Bonanza Slots are an adventure; CoolCat Casino’s latest real series slot games will amaze you like never before. Truckloads of bonus features and prizes are ready to be scored. Just roll the reels and combine the fruits, cupcakes, donuts and more. Enjoyed by women across the U.S, our online bunko bonanza slots game will have you spinning for hours. Rooted in a dice game, it’s first-rate entertainment.

Play bunko bonanza and see slots come alive. The appearance of three bunko dice on the screen activates bunko bonanza’s free game feature, awarding you 21 free games. Take advantage of these free games and see your winnings double, triple or even grow six times the actual prize. Of course, that’ll depend on your roll of the dice. If a bell replaces a winning combination during a free game, your prize increases up to 12 times!

Bunko Bonanza video slots means endless action. You can play Bunko Bonanza Online Slot Machine with CoolCat Casino’s instant play feature or you can download our online casino and start playing Bunko Bonanza slots now!

How to play Bunko Bonanza Slots

For every slot game fan, Bunko Bonanza is an immersive experience. It includes amazing images like, Bunko telepads, Bunko bells, yummy doughnuts, the jar lemonade and an array of multicolored snacks that will delight you and bless you with good fortune.

The plate of doughnuts is the highest paying symbol in the game with the reward of 2000 times.

The Bunko bell is the wild symbol in the game that substitutes other symbols in the game (excluding the scatter symbol) to get you rewarding combinations. The Bunko bell also doubles your prize if you spin one or more of them in your winning combos.

The Bunko dice is the scatter symbol in the game which gets you multiples of 10 on your total stake, if you spin three or more of them on the reels.

Spinning three or more Bunko dices will also let you win up to 21 free games. The multiplier depends upon the number of Bunko dices that triggered the free spin feature. If eight Bunko dices get you to the free spins, then the multiplier would be 8 times your total bet. If the wild Bunko bell substitutes the other icons under the free games to get you the winning combos, your rewards are multiplied by 12 times.

Start by pressing the help tab which highlights the full details of the rules and the various offers in the game. Then press the bet tab to set the size of your per payline bet. Your total wagering value can be anything between $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $100.00. Once your bet is set, you can select the lines by clicking the line button. This fun online slot machine game have a total of 20 pay lines to choose from which are featured on the left and right side of the reels. Follow the sequence of the pay lines while selecting the number. Once you have selected the paylines, click the spin button to spin the reels manually.

There is an autoplay option also which you can use to play the game automatically based on your own preferences. The option menu can help you fix these parameters by clicking on the various options. Pressing the stop auto tab lets you stop the function anytime. The game will stop by itself, if you run out of funds.

The random jackpot feature adds to the thrill of the game with huge off-the reel rewards.

Rules for Bunko Bonanza Online Slot
  • The following rules of the Bunko Bonanza online Slot can be of a great help to you to understand the game properly and play to win.
  • All the symbols in this online slots game pay from left to right excluding the scatter symbol Bunko dice that pays any.
  • Your rewards on the various paylines get added to the other winnings.
  • All your winnings on the scatter symbol feature get multiplied by the total bet.
  • All the scatter rewards are added to your line rewards.
  • The line wins are multiplied by your per payline stake.
  • Under the free spins once the multiplier is set; it remains intact till the feature ends.
  • Free spins are played on the lines and you get paid by the value of your triggering bet.
  • The maximum prize in the game is 2,000 times your bet per payline in every spin.
  • Jackpot rewards get added to your other winnings in the game.

Bunko Bonanza Slots Strategy

You can play well without a strategy, so why devise a strategy to play it? Believe it or not, strategies are here to help you make more informed decisions. Every spin in Bunko Bonanza online slot is randomized by the computer system. You cannot predict what combinations are you will get in your next spin. Due to this, many people follow a strategy of alternating their bets to help them take risks but at the same time protect themselves. If you apply the same pattern when you play Bunko Bonanza you too can benefit and increase your chances of winnings as some others do.

The system in question is the Hi/Lo system, often considered one of the best slots strategies. By applying this system to Bunko Bonanza, you can increase your chances of winning. Under this system, you begin with the lowest denomination, which is 1¢ per line. Select the maximum number of lines and spin the machine. Whether you win or lose, your next bet should be the next available denomination, which is 2¢. Similarly, following the same pattern, you continue placing bets at 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, and $5 per line. Once you complete this cycle, try lowering your bets step by step. Begin with $1 and then select 50¢, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢, 2¢, and 1¢, respectively.

Given this graded approach to betting, there is every chance that you will get the highest win multiplier without using too much money. Make your way to the bonus round and get free spins to earn extra money. For this you have to know what is on offer. For instance, when three Bunko dice appear you get 21 free games! What’s more, in the free games if the Bell substitutes in a winning combination the prizes are doubled for up to a 12x multiplier!

If you are lucky, you will make a lot of money and prizes at the best casino for American players by using this strategy. Please note that the strategy here demonstrates a betting pattern; it does not guarantee you a win every time you use this strategy. Nevertheless, the strategy will come in handy to make successful decisions.


The bunko bonanza online slot comes to you with combinations in multi-hues and delicious rewards. Some pointers will help you savor the true essence of the game.

Make sure you go through the game rules thoroughly before you begin playing Bunko Bonanza online slot.

Take the help of the free casino game of Bunko Bonanza online slot to get practical experience in the game. Polishing your skills at the free casino game of Bunko Bonanza online slots is a good way to learn to manage your bets in the game. It also helps you an idea of the various icons associated with the game. This can further help you decide on which combo you should increase the size of your bet. The best part is that you can get this wonderful tutorial on Bunko Bonanza online slot absolutely free…without losing a single penny.

In Bunko Bonanza online slot pay particular attention to the Bunko dice which appears as a scatter symbol in the game. The scatter symbol not only gets you 10 times the reward, but also 21 free spins in the game. Plus it is also very easy to spin the scatter symbol on the reels because there is no pattern that you need to follow in order to win. You can win multipliers if you reveal three or more scattered dice symbols anywhere across the active reels in the game.

Another important tip to increase your chances on the Bunko Bonanza online slot is that you should always try to play on higher denominations. Because the higher the denominations you play, the better are the payout rates.

History of Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza is based on a theme that would interest women in the US who are great fans of the dice game. The subject of these online slots is the popular dice game Bunko which is almost a household name. Family and friends get together on evenings and weekends to play this fun game. The hostess also provides some snacks and refreshments to go with Bunko thrill. Bunko has been an age-old pastime activity for Americans.

The developers at Real Time Gaming have amalgamated the fun of Bunko with America’s other passion, gambling. Bunko Bonanza online slot grants you the fun of Bunko along with a chance of hitting a bonanza. And in addition to this, the game also carries some mouth-watering images of snacks!

The wonderfully warm image of a typical American living room in the backdrop will remind you about the last Bunko-snack party you enjoyed at a friend’s place or at a family get-together.

The red Bunko dice is the scatter symbol in the game and the Bunko bell is the wild symbol. Both these images hold fascinating rewards for you. Do you remember the supreme taste of doughnuts at the famous American Dunkin’ Donuts? Well the doughnuts at Bunko Bonanza online slots complement the feeling –it fetches you sumptuous prizes in the game!

The images of Bunko telepads, bunko bells, plate of yummy doughnuts, the jar full of lemonade and variety of colorful snacks together make up the wholesome Bunko Bonanza theme. The developers have employed cheerful music compositions in the background to celebrate your winnings in the game. The sound of jingles will remind you of the table head ringing the bell at a game of Bunko.


Random Jackpot: The random jackpot feature in the video slots is the off-the reel feature that drops down randomly at the end of any spin. In Bunko Bonanza you can find this random jackpot window on the left side, just above the reels. Keep your eyes peeled on this ticking window at the end of every game to grab a huge jackpot reward.

Wild Symbol/ Bell: The wild symbol in the slots is the incredible icon that replaces all the other icons to help you get winning combinations. The wild symbol in the Bunko Bonanza online slots is the bell that not only substitutes the other symbols in the game to get you the rewarding combos but it also doubles the prizes if you get one or more bells in these winnings combinations. The only symbol that the bell does not substitute is the Bunko dice which is the scatter symbol in the game.

Scatter Symbol/The Bunko dice: The scatter symbol is the multiplier on your total bet if you are able to reveal a predefined number of these symbols on the reels in the game. In the game of Bunko Bonanza the scatter symbol is the image of the Bunko dice. Spin three or more symbols of Bunko dice anywhere across the active reels and get 10 times your original total bet as winnings. The Bunko dice is also useful in getting a free spins bonus feature triggered on the Bunko Bonanza online slots.

Bunko Bonanza Free Spins bonus round: Free spins is the most beneficial feature in a slots game. You get valuable free spins in the game if you trigger this feature. In Bunko Bonanza online slot, spinning three or more images of Bunko dice (scatter symbol) will take you to the free spins bonus feature in the game. In this round you can earn up to 21 free spins in the game. The multipliers on your winnings under this feature will be decided upon the number of images of Bunko dice that you roll to get the free spins feature triggered.

For instance, if five icons of Bunko dice trigger the feature, it multiplies the prizes by five times. Once the multiplier has been set, it remains the same throughout the free spins round. The most amazing part is that if the wild symbol bell replaces another icon in a winning combination, then the multiplier is 12 –that is, your prizes increase 12-fold. If you are lucky enough to spin the initial number of Bunko dices on the reels once again then you are granted another set of 21free spins.