Bulls and Bears

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Play Bulls and Bears

Talk to any Wall Street banker and they’ll tell you that playing the stock market is difficult and stressful. Talk to anyone who’s played Bulls & Bears—our online slots stock market game—and they’ll have a very, very different story to tell.

With the affordability of penny stocks and the payout potential of blue chips, Bulls & Bears is an incredible online slots game that’s part Wall Street, part Las Vegas Boulevard, and all out fun.

Put the stock section of the newspaper away. Power off that business television network. And delete the stocks app from your iPhone. The only thing you need to play our online video slots stock market is an Internet connection and a desire to win.

Hit spin and watch out for the Bull and Bear symbols. They’re your ticket to doubling or even quadrupling your prize, depending on the combination of symbols you land on. And don’t miss out on the Chart symbol. It’s your ticket to up to 15 free games that won’t cost you a thing.

With 5 reels and 25 variable paylines, plus a free-game guarantee feature that lets you spin for free if you haven’t won free games in the last 100 spins, Bulls & Bears is built to help you win big money without risking much.

How to play Bulls and Bears

Leave your Wall Street banker suit and tie at home. Bulls & Bears is all fun and games. But the opportunity to win giant sums of money is very real. Here’s what you need to know to play Bulls & Bears.

First, lock in your bet and select the number of paylines you’d like to play. Then, hit Spin. You’ll be paid out according to the paytable once the reels stop spinning. But certain symbols are worth more than others. Here’s a look at the important ones:

Bulls – This is the Substitute symbol in Bulls & Bears. The Bull symbol will substitute for any other symbol, with the exception of the Chart symbol (more on that later). If you hit a Bull in a winning combination, your prize will double.

Bears — The Bear symbol works exactly the same way as the Bull symbol. However, if you land on a Bear symbol in combination with a Bull symbol, your prize will automatically quadruple.

Chart — Hitting multiple Chart symbols sends you into Free Game mode. The number of free games you’ll earn depends on how many Chart symbols your spin nets you. Land on 3 Chart symbols and you’ll win 5 free games. Land on 7 Chart symbols and score 7 free games. And finally, 15 free games are yours if you hit 5 Chart symbols, left to right.

Bulls and Bears Rules

Winning at our slot machine stock market game is easy. But there are a few rules you need to know about to understand how to win and why certain symbols award certain prizes.

  • The random jackpots are awarded at the end of a game. They’re entirely random, and anyone can win.
  • Jackpots can’t be grouped in Bulls & Bears.
  • Substitute symbols (the Bull and the Bear) cannot substitute for the scatter symbol (the Chart).

Bulls and Bears Strategy

Playing the stock market is a lot like playing in Vegas. The difference? Casinos are way more fun, you can make money a lot faster, and, judging from what we’ve seen over the last few years, Vegas is way less risky.

But the overall game strategy of playing online slots is the same as playing the market. And the most important rule is “know your bankroll”.

Never bring to the slots more money than you can afford. And always leave at least 50% of your bankroll in your account. That way, if it turns out to be a bear market, you’ll still have tons of cash to play with.


If you play the market, you know that nothing moves faster than a big Wall Street trade. So if you find that Bulls & Bears is moving a bit slow, and if you want to ramp up the speed of our online stock market-themed slots game, hit Autoplay. Instead of having to hit Spin after you’ve won your credits, the machine does all the spinning for you. It’s kind of like those fancy stock market trading apps that tells you exactly when to buy and sell, except Autoplay is even better because you never have to lift a finger.

History of Bulls and Bears

Developed by Real-Time Gaming, we’ve added Bears & Bulls to the best online slots suite because we thought it was time for a stock market platform that didn’t make players angry. Let’s face it. It hasn’t been an amazing past few years for investors. But Bears & Bulls changes the stock market landscape by cranking out more winners, more often. If you love to play the stock market, you’ll love Bears & Bulls even more. And if you’ve never invested anything in your life, you’ll find Bears & Bulls easy to learn and easy to win.


Understanding the stock market can be difficult. But understand our online slots stock market game? Pretty easily, actually, when you know the following terms:

Buy-Sell Free Game: In Bulls & Bears, this is the free game mode where you get to decide whether to buy or sell—just like on Wall Street! If you choose Buy, you’ll earn a free extra game if you hit a Bull. Choose sell, and you’ll earn a free extra game when you hit a Bear. You’ll also see all prizes tripled during the free games for even more chances to win.

Scatter symbol: Scatter symbols catapult you into the free games feature. The number of free games you’ll earn entirely depends how many scatter symbols you hit.

Major and minor jackpots: These can be popped by any player at the end of a game. And both jackpots can be hit, even if you didn’t win any credits during your game.