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Play Bonkers

Play Bonkers online 3 reel casino slots at CoolCat Casino and win maximum casino jackpots! Go bonkers with Bonkers online slot machine games when you win big! Bonkers slot machine free spins feature.

You can use nickels, quarters, $0.50, $1, or $5 to bet on Bonkers slots. When you get two Bonkers, you’ll get three free spins guaranteed to win.

When you get three Bonkers, you’ll get 10 free winning spins.  You can always win the Bonkers slot machine jackpot from CoolCat, so it’s worth the three-coin bet!

How to play Bonkers

Bonkers is the right choice for all gamblers who fancy traditional three reel online slot machines with an added  free re-spin bonus feature. Bonkers, BAR , Seven are the three main symbols.


The key motive of the player in the Bonkers online slots is to align any of the predefined combinations of symbols on the single payline. The red line in the middle of the reels is marked as the payline in the game. The jangle of coins, the whirr of the rotating reels and (hopefully!) the sound of spinning the winning combos- all this and more contribute to the huge appeal of Bonkers online slot.

How to Place a Bet

Start the game by placing the bet. You can fix the size of your bet in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 by pressing the up and down arrows on the left and right side of the ‘insert coin’ window. Click on the $5, $25 or $100 chips to add credits to the slot machine online. Then press on the ‘bet one’ tab to set the number of coins that you wish to bet with. If you wish to wager with just one coin, click on the bet one tab once and if you want to bet two coins, click on the bet one button twice. In the Bonkers online slots, you can place a maximum bet of worth three coins per spin. Hit the ‘play 3 credits’ tab to directly bet with three coins per spin.

Spin the Reel

Once you have settled down the worth of your bet, hit on the ‘spin reel’ tab or click on the lever on the right side to twirl the reels. What you win and what you lose in the game depends upon the sort of combination that you spin on the single payline when the reels stop moving.

Free Re-Spins

Spin two or three exclusive icons of Bonkers on the payline to win either the three or the ten free casino games respectively. The free re-spin counter on the top right side of the screen helps you keep a track of all your free re-spins that you have won. The free re-spins start playing as soon as you win them. You cannot win additional free re-spins under the free re-spin feature. The Bonkers free re-spin bonus feature comes to an end as soon you reel in three images of red sevens on the payline.


Every winning combination has a different payout attached to it. The payoff also varies from one coin size to another. For instance, if you bet with one coin and spin three images of triple BAR on the payline, you’ll win 80 coins. But if you bet with two coins and three images of triple BAR line up on the payline, you’ll get 160 coins. On the other hand, you can get 240 coins if you bet with three coins and reel in three matching symbols of triple BAR on the payline. The pay table mentioned below highlights on the various payoffs attached to the various combinations on different coin bets:

Combination Description One Coin Two Coins Three Coins
Triple Sevens 200 400 1200
Three Images of triple BAR 80 160 240
Three Images of double BAR 30 60 90
Three Images of single BAR 15 30 45
Three images of any BAR E.g.: one image of triple BAR and two of single BAR 10 20 30
Three images of Bonkers 3 6 9
Two images of Bonkers 2 4 6
One image of Bonkers 1 2 3
Highest Win

In the Bonkers online slots by spinning the triple sevens on the payline and betting with a three coin bet you have a reasonable scope of winning a top reward of 1200 coins.

Bonkers Strategy

Betting Strategy:

When playing Casino Games online having a betting strategy can guide you on what pattern you should follow while placing the bets as you proceed in the game. There are one, two and three coin bets in the Bonkers online slots and all the three bets offer various payouts. The simple theory is- “The higher the bet the better is the payout”. But the trick is how and when to apply this strategy. You can start your game by wagering with one coin first and when you gain some confidence after bagging some cash prizes, you can move on to the higher three coin bet. However, when you constantly lose three or more times on the three coin bet, revert to the one coin bet again to avoid going bankrupt.


Bonkers is a three reel classic slot machine that provides you wholesome entertainment online. Play it with the following tips in mind to derive pleasure and profit.

Free Casino Game

The most important tip to make the most out of this online slot game is to put in long hours of practice on the play for free version of Bonkers. Bonkers has a free re-spin feature that provides you with higher odds of winning in the gameā€¦just follow certain simple tips and you could walk away with maximum profits.

If you are new to the gambling world and have played only on the standard versions of the classic best three reel slots then this free re-spin feature will be new to you. Play on the free game of Bonkers to get a clear idea on how this re-spin feature works to get you lovely prizes.

Check the payouts

Every rewarding combination in the Bonkers online slots gets you different returns for different bets. Like if you bet with one coin you’ll get lower returns and if you wager with three coins you’ll get higher payouts. So, make it a point to go through the payout chart before you start the game to avoid confusion while you are betting on the Bonkers online slot.

History of Bonkers

In the Nineteenth century there were only standard three reel classic slots machines with simple wining combinations giving out different payouts. However seeing the craze for slots among the players, game developers came up with new and fresh ideas to provide slot players with more and more entertainment. It was in the late 1990s, when the slot game providers introduced the classic slot that various bonus features like, free spins and re-spins came in.

Bonkers online slots also belongs to the traditional stream of classic three reel slot machines. However, it includes a free re-spin bonus feature to add on to your thrill. In addition, online game providers like Real Time Gaming have introduced Bonkers with an extra touch of flashy lights and engrossing sounds that accompany the rolling reels. The sporadic discotheque-like animation during the free re-spins will engage you in the non-stop action.


Reels: The reels can be defined as the three rotating rows on the slot machine with five different symbols on it.

Symbols: The symbols are different images on the reels. The reels on Bonkers online slots feature five different images, including a red seven, triple BAR, double BAR, single BAR and the icon of Bonkers.

Payline: Payline can be defined as the red line in the center of the reels where the predefined combinations align to get you the various rewards.

Pay Table: The pay table is that division on the top of the Bonkers online slots that gives out the details on the various returns for every bet size and winning combination in the game.

Coin size: Coin size is a measure of the value of coins that you insert in the Bonkers slot machine to play the game. For instance, if you are playing on the denomination of $1, your coin size is $1. In this classic online slot you can play with the coins in the denomination of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 to $5.00.

Chips: Chips are the different values of coins that you can use in lieu of money to play the game. In Bonkers online slot you can credit your account with the chips of worth $5, $25 and $100.

Bet: Bet is the total value of coins that you wager with per game. In Bonkers online slot you can wager with one, two or three coins in every single game.

Play 3 credits: Play 3 credits can be defined as the option of directly playing your game with three credits.

Coins Played: The coins played are the number of coins that you have exhausted to play one single game of Bonkers. For instance, if you choose to bet with three coins with a coin size of $1, you are basically betting with $3 per game.

Winning combinations: Winning combinations can be defined as a set of three or two matching or different, but specified symbols. In the Bonkers online slot there are a total of eight different combinations.

Free Re-spin: Free re-spin is a bonus feature in the slots that gets you a particular number of free spins and moves the reels in the opposite directions to get you a quick winning combination. In Bonkers online slot you win up to ten free re-spins by revealing more than two Bonkers online slots images of Bonkers.

Spin Reel: Spin reel is a button in the Bonkers online slot that lets you rotate the reels when you press it.

Lever: Lever is a handle on the right side of the machine that also serves the purpose of spinning the reels just as in the classic slots on the land casinos. Just click on the lever to rotate the reels.

Cash out: Cash out can be defined as that option in this online slot that lets you transfer all your credits from the slot machine to your casino account.