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Play Big Shot Slots

Big Shot Basics: Want to be a big shot on the slots? Play at CoolCat Casino, and call the shots. Action, thrill and style are all guaranteed! Play Big Shot or any other slot games from our large selection of slots and feel the difference. “Big Shot” showed up on reels one and five? Get transported to a special free game feature. Win up to 20 free games when the feature is triggered.

While playing Big Shot video slots, you’re winnings progress as you go on from first to second free game. “Big Shot” acts as a replacement on reels one and five during the special free casino games feature. Online Big Shot video slots have another interesting feature. Anyone can win a random jackpot, no matter whether you play for a penny, nickel or $100.00 per spin.

So, for some serious fun, come play Big Shot slots.

How to play Big Shot Slots

Whether you are a player with an abundance of experience or a newcomer searching for new casino games, Big Shot online slots will grant you, your heart’s desire. With distinctive sound effects, brilliant animation and incredible rewards, Big Shot online slot comes highly recommended. The Slot makers have fused images of the clapboard, reel can, a ruddy sports car, the superstar and the blonde actress with all the glam and glitz of showbiz.

The icon of superstar (wild symbol) gets you rewarding combos by replacing all the icons in the game excluding the two scatter symbols, award and the Big Shot logo. The Big Shot logo is the scatter symbol in the game that can get a reward of up to 100 times if you are able to spin two or more of this icon on the active reels.

If you spin the icon of award on the first and the fifth reels, you can win up to 20 free spins in the game. The best part is that the multiplier will keep on increasing with the number of free spins you play. For instance, on the first spin your rewards will multiply by one times of your triggering bet and on the seventh spin your prizes will multiply by seven times. The Big Shot logo is another scatter symbol in the game that will replace all the other symbols under the free spin feature to get you the rewarding combos. The random jackpot is a spectacle to behold if it drops down a huge pot of rewards at the end of any spin.

Clicking on the help button will reveal all particulars of the game, including various rewarding combos, the bonus feature and the scatters and wilds in the game. You can increase and reduce the size of your bet by pressing the bet tab. The total wager ranges between $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00 to $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 to $100.00. The line button helps you select the number of lines that you want to play with. While selecting the lines, make sure you follow the sequence of the 20 paylines displayed on the right and left side of the reels. Hitting the spin button will help you move the reels manually. But, autoplay provides a more convenient option. Under the automatic option the game will mechanically run on its own following the various parameters set by you. You can set you preferences by clicking the various choices under the option menu. The stop auto tab will let you stop the game in the middle of it. However, if your balance has no more cash the game will discontinue by itself.

Rules for Big Shot Online Slot
  • According to the rule book of the Big Shot online slot, all the icons pay from left to right in the game. The only symbol that pays both the ways is the scatter symbol award.
  • All your payline rewards are added to the total of your winnings in the game.
  • All your rewards under the scatter wins are multiplied by the total of your wagering amount. These scatter rewards get added to your line wins.
  • The line rewards are multiplied by the bet per payline.
  • The maximum win in the game of Big Shot online slot is 50,000 times your bet on a single payline in every spin. You can get this highest reward only on each line win.
  • The contribution of the random jackpot is not more than 1.5 % of the total return to you. These jackpot prizes are supplemental to your other wins in the game.
  • The free spin feature in the Big Shot online slots cannot be retriggered.

Big Shot Slots Strategy

When you sit down to play casino games like Big Shot, or any other online slot machine game for that matter, keep in mind that online slot games are run by a computer system and not a human. The chances of error are quite low, and every spin is random. Due to the random nature of Big Shot, you never know when you’ll start winning a few spins in a row. When it happens, do your best to stay with the Big Shot online slots machine.

It’s likely that you may have to step away from your game at times, and that may interrupt your winning streak. To cope with such situations, use the autoplay feature provided by the game. By turning this feature on, you can play a number of spins automatically. Just click the “autoplay” button in the game, select the number of spins you want the game to run for in the window that pops up, click OK and voila! Life goes on in the fast lane, with Super Star, blonde actress, sports car symbols whizzing down the reels. The game will continue to run for the specified number of spins while you’re away. You can grab a cup of coffee or tea while the computer plays the game according to your preferences.

When you’re winning, you may not like to spare even a single moment. You may find the speed at which the game runs quite slow. In other words, you may like to increase the game speed. You can do so by turning on the Turbo Play feature. To activate this feature, just click “options” in the top right corner of the screen. In the window that pops up, check the Turbo Play box and click OK. When you return to the game, you will see a tremendous change in the game speed. That in fact will help you win at a fast pace. CoolCat casino helps you by making suggestions on how to play the game better, but does not guarantee you a win through the adoption of these strategies.

As you can see, Big Shot has all the features that you need to make the best out of a winning situation. So, why wait any more. The lifestyle of the rich and famous awaits you when you play slots, like a Big Shot!


Big Shot online slots is possibly one of the most enjoyable video slots offering unequalled gambling thrill with fantastic bonus features and extensive rewards. If you don’t want to miss out on any of these exciting offers, make it a point to carefully read the list of various offers and payouts mentioned under the help option in the game.

A glance at the help section will also guide you on varied scatters and wilds in the game. Big Shot online slot provides you with two wild symbols. This increases your chances of winning rewarding combos a great deal. One of the wild symbols is the superstar and the other one is the Big Shot logo. Superstar is active all through in the game whereas the Big Shot logo operates only under the free spin feature.

Another trick is to play the free casino slot version. This will help you verify bonus features that are in store for you and will equip you to be alert to payline patterns.

Pay particular attention to the free spin bonus round where the multipliers will increase with every free spin. For the first free spin the multiplier will be one time your triggering bet, for the fifth spin it will be five times, for the seventh spin it will increase to seven times and so on. Strive to get a maximum number of 20 free spins so that you can earn a multiplier of 20 times on your triggering bet. Accurately chasing these pointers will increase your prospects of becoming a superstar in the game of Big Shot online slot. In fact each time you win, you will feel like you have made it to the Oscars. All the best!

History of Big Shot Slots

Hollywood in Los Angeles has dazed the entire world with its glamour just as the dazzling gambling strip in Las Vegas has amazed everybody. Imagine if the essence of both worlds are captured and delivered straight to your computer screens! Real Time Gaming promises you a perfect blend of Hollywood glamour and gambling thrill with the Big Shot online slots.

The images of mountains with a line-up of palm trees as the backdrop will stir memories of your last trip to Beverley Hills in California. Remember those crowded streets of Beverley Hills where you hoped to get yourself photographed with famous Hollywood heroes? Here on the Big Shot online slot you get a chance to play with similar images of charming superstars (wild symbol) and a blonde bombshell. The Big Shot superstar acts as the substitute for all the other icons in the game and the sensuous actress will take you to the topmost reward in the game.

Spin two or more images of the ‘award’ (scatter symbol) on the reels and the incredible music of orchestras and trumpet will begin. It will definitely make you feel like the Big Shot who has entered an award ceremony and has won an Oscar! The other icons including clapboard, reel can and the ruddy luxury car add to the rich charm of Hollywood on the Big shot online slots.

Walk on the red carpet to a shimmering reward winning ceremony on Big Shot online slot. Get a chance to be nominated and hold on for the announcement of great rewards.


Random Jackpot: Random jackpot is a rewarding feature on the slots that might randomly throw a huge jackpot prize at the conclusion of any spin. On the Big Shot slots online, you’ll come across a recurrent indicator just above the reels that might grant an immense jackpot reward at the end of any spin. The best part about this random jackpot feature is that it pays you regardless of what you win on the reels. So, even if you have not won anything on the reels, random jackpot still gets you a great opportunity to take way lofty rewards.

Wild Symbol/Superstar: The wild symbol in the game is that icon that replaces itself with all the other images on the reel on which it appears, to get you the winning combos. The wild symbol in the big shot online slot is the superstar that shows up only on the second, third and fourth reels. The superstar swaps positions with all the icons in the game to help you get the rewarding combos. The only two symbols that our superstar does not substitute for are the scatter symbol award and the big shot logo.

Scatter Symbol/Award: The scatter symbol is that icon in the game that will get you multiples of the sum total of your bet if you spin the predefined number of images of the scatter symbol on the active reels. Besides scatter symbols might also assist you in triggering the free spin feature. The scatter symbol in the Big shot online slot is the image of the award. If you are able to reveal 2, 3, 4 or 5 of this symbol anywhere across the reels, your total stake will be multiplied by 1, 5, 20 or 100 times respectively.

Free Spins: Free spins are the free games that can be won by satiating certain preset requirements. On the big shot online slots, the big shot logo can help you trigger the free spin feature. All you need to do is reveal this logo on the first and the fifth reels simultaneously to win 5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 free spins. The multiplier by your triggering bet keeps on increasing after every free spin, i.e. it will be 1 times of your triggering bet on the first free-spin, 2 times on the second one, 4 times on the fourth and so on. Under this free spin feature the Big shot logo performs as another wild symbol to match up with the wild icon superstar to get you the quick rewarding combos. You don’t have the option to retrigger the free spin feature on the big shot online slot.

Paylines: Paylines are the preset combinations in the game which pays you rewards based on the predetermined pay-chart. In the multi-line big shot online slot there are 20 different paylines and every payline displays a unique pattern.