Aztec’s Treasure

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Play Aztec’s Treasure

Aztec’s Treasure Basics: Want to earn a historic gold and royal treat? Come and play “Aztec’s Treasure”. It is a 5-reel, 20 payline online slots game. The game comes with a bonus feature under which revealing 3, 4, or 5 scattered figures anywhere on the reels gets you 5, 15 and 25 free games, respectively. Scatter symbols include jaguar, princess, totems and vulture. If they appear during the free games, you win bonus prizes as well.

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What more?

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As for ‘Aztec’s Treasure’ slots game, hitting multiple icons in a single spin will award you special payouts. You can also trigger the free game feature. Except for the bonus prize, Aztec’s Treasure slot machine triples all your wins during free games. Icons appearing in a free game will earn you additional bonuses. Acting as a “wild” symbol- the Aztec King substitutes all the other symbols, excluding the scattered icons. Aztec’s Treasure video slots have another surprising feature. You can win the random jackpot whether playing for a penny or $100.00 per spin.

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How to play Aztec’s Treasure

Centuries ago, there lived a race – a race that even today mystifies and awes. The Aztecs – a mysterious race that lived in the tropical jungles of Mexico. And then there is the story of gold. A legendary treasure buried deep somewhere in the Yucantan Peninsula that continues to beckon brave adventurers. Only one who is brave and heroic can defeat the Aztec guardian spirit that watches over this treasure. There is gold to be seized and an adventure to be embarked on. Who would not want to gain the Aztec emperor’s favor and find the hidden gold? In Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots, play to get the gold that many have tried to find for centuries. The Help button will show you the winning combinations, bonus rounds and rules of this simple, yet exciting Vegas casino game which includes the thrill of slots plus a great, ancient story behind it that will captivate you.

Once you understand the basics, the next step is to adjust your bet. Since Aztec Treasure is a 20 pay line online slots game, your bet is divided equally on the number of lines you choose to play. You can bet $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 or $5.00. You can adjust your bet by pressing the arrow buttons to increase and decrease the amount of your wager. If you would rather watch the game more closely and let the computer do its thing, you can use the Autoplay option that makes the spins for you. The game will progress nonstop until you stop the game manually or run out of money. There is also a Lines button that you can press to adjust how any lines you want to play. You must remember that your bet will get divided into lines. So the more lines you play, the less you will win on each line.

Every time you get three, four or five scattered Idol symbols, you can win casino free games. From 5, 15 or even 25 free games for you. While playing the free spins, if you get Idol symbols, you will get bonus prizes for each. This bonus prize will of course be equal to the bet that triggered the game or would have a multiplier effect. However, two or more idols appearing during the bonus games will give you up to 25 more free games. This means that you can win free games from free games! All prizes except the Bonus prize are tripled during the Aztec’s Treasure online casino Slot games. You also stand to win RTG’s Random Jackpot at the end of any game and this jackpot can be won in any denomination. In this online casino slots game, the actual win is the final sum of all wins on all lines and from all bonuses.

The Rules for Aztec’s Treasure Slot Machine
  • Since Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots game has 20 pay lines, you can win on multiple lines in one spin. The total win is the sum of wins on different pay lines.
  • For each win, the scatter symbol wins are also added to the pay line wins.
  • In Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots game, the scatter symbol has a multiplier effect.
  • Your bet is divided equally according to the number of lines that you are playing.
  • The maximum win for Aztec’s Treasures online slot games is 40,000 bet per pay line for each spin.

Aztec’s Treasure Strategy

Playing at slot machines requires a lot of planning. You may say there is nothing more than the spin-and-win method when it comes to playing slot machines. That’s true but not entirely. The way you place your bets can make a good difference in the long run. This is particularly true in case of online slots machine games and especially so in Aztec’s Treasure. Even online slot machines are classified as being “loose” or “tight.” At CoolCat Casino, almost every slots game is “loose” which indicates that in the long run, the machine provides more benefits to players rather than to the casino.

When you sit down to play the Aztec’s Treasure online slot game, bet the maximum allowed to win the maximum possible. The reason is simple: if you bet the minimum, you are going to get the minimum payout, regardless of how good your winning combination is. So, don’t hold back your horses and bet the maximum. You may say what if I lose the maximum? Well, that’s possible. But the fact that you can win the maximum is also possible. After all, gambling is never separated from the risk of losing. And as they say nothing ventured means nothing gained. So when you play an online slot game, and especially the Aztec’s Treasure online slot game, bet the maximum allowed –that is $5 per each line, meaning $ 100. And win the maximum payout of $25,000, which is 5000 times your $5 bet per line. That’s the only way you can make the King, princess, vultures and jaguars dance to your tune.

You can never predict what the next spin has in stores for you. In fact, every spin generated by Aztec’s Treasure online slot game is random and based on complex permutations and combinations. So, it is quite possible that in one spin you win a decent amount of money and in the next, you encounter the Princess, to enter the bonus round and win plenty of extra prizes using the free games.

Aztec’s Treasure is available at CoolCat Casino so you can play it from the security and comforts of your home. So, don’t wait any further and sit down to enjoy the best online slot game yet. Remember our endeavor is to help you strategize your game play, but no strategy is foolproof.


Once you have warmed up playing some of the low risk online casino slots, you can start playing the high risk ones. Aztec’s Treasure is one high risk game that is a real pleasure to play. With ethnic motifs and great music, the game is simply enthralling.

When three or more scatters appear anywhere, you get up to 25 free spins. If you hit the multiplier effect, your winnings will increase threefold.

What’s more, like in many other online slots, the free spins can retrigger in Aztec’s Treasure. This means that you will get free spins for free spins.

However, be mindful of the bonuses. For free spins, the scatters do not yield anything in Aztec’s treasures.

Also do note that the wheels in all five slots in the online casino slots game are not necessarily uniform.

There might be different numbers of symbols on each of the wheels.

For example, wheel one has 12 symbols, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that wheel two will also have the same. Wheel two could just have 25 symbols.

Even a minimal change in one of the wheels can change the entire payout percentage. For each new change, there can be several increased or decreased combinations of payout.

History of Aztec’s Treasure

The Aztec Empire is one historical realm that continues to mystify generations after generations. The term Aztec refers specifically to an ethnic group in central Mexico. The Aztecs spoke the Nahuatl language and were most actively chronicled in the 14th, 15th, and 16th century. They had, around the same time, achieved political and military dominance over large parts of Mesoamerica.

The Aztecs are especially famous for the often grotesque sacrificial rituals, superior architecture and myths and legends surrounding ancient cursed treasures. Till date, they are considered to be a fearful, yet revered race. Folklore has it that in the deep jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula, ancient Aztec treasure can be found. This treasure is said to be protected by fierce warriors and a mystical curse which brings ill-luck to anyone who touches it. Only one who has the courage to challenge the Aztec spirits can lay claim to the gold.

Many have wasted their lives searching for the gold, the existence of which no one is really sure of. The plot of lost treasures waiting to be uncovered makes for great Hollywood movies and now, it has become one of the CoolCat’s top 10 slots as preferred by players

The Aztec Treasure signifies something that cannot be had, protected by mystics. It can only be procured by someone destined for greatness. The folklore attached to the game makes it an exciting and enthralling experience – as if one were actually winning Aztec Treasure and not casino cash!

As the name suggests, the Aztec’s Treasure slots obviously feature many of the totems and Aztec symbols and pay out well in comparison to some of the other slot games. The music is also Aztec- inspired and makes for one great historical adventure!


Bonus Feature Trigger: A pattern on the slots which triggers off a bonus game. In Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots, every time 3, 4 or 5 scattered Idols appear anywhere, a free game feature is triggered. Up to 15 free games can get activated.

Wild Symbol: The Aztec King is the wild symbol for Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots. He can substitute himself for other icons to create winning combinations.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are those that give you some kind of bonus every time they appear on the slots. In Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots, the Cozcacuauhtli symbol, the Ocelotl symbol, the Aztec Princess and the various Aztec totems are the scatter symbols.

The Cozcacuauhtli Symbol: The Cozcacuauhtli or the vulture, representing the tenth day of the 20- day Aztec month. As a scatter symbol in the Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots, it brings with it free spins every time it is paired with another scatter symbol.

The Ocelotl Symbol: The Ocelotl or the Jaguar represents the 12th day of the 20- day Aztec month. As a scatter symbol in the Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots, it brings with it free spins every time it is paired with another scatter symbol.

The Aztec Idol: It is another scatter symbol in the online casino slots game.

The Aztec Princess Symbol: The Princess brings a bonus award. Get five princesses lined up and hit the jackpot in this online casino slots game.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a jackpot that is randomly announced. The Aztec’s Treasure online casino slots game has this feature.