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The Freedom To Play The Best USA Casino Games From Your Living Room

The United States isn't just the #1 country when it comes to land-based casino offerings (Las Vegas alone has enough to put entire countries to shame). But it's also home to the world's biggest online casino fans.

Unfortunately, even though the United States is the land of the free, too many online casinos put restrictions on USA players. But not CoolCat. If you're looking for the best online casinos for USA players, CoolCat is officially the land of the free.

We're The Most USA Player-Friendly Casino

We're not just open to American casino players. We're one of the best casinos in USA. And we have the customer service and payment processing options to back it up.

See the blue banner at the very top of the page? There's a toll-free 888 number up there. It's for USA players just like you to call if you need help with anything from downloading your software to setting up your account to making a deposit.

And as one of the best USA casinos, we make it easy to get funds into your account. While other sites list restriction after restriction, we've actually done the legwork to bring you countless funding options.

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How We Became The Best USA Online Casino

We didn't get to be known as one of the best online casinos for USA players just because of our customer service. While that has something to do with it, it's our software and casino games selection that really set us apart.

We know that players in the United States have certain expectations when it comes to playing at a casino. Las Vegas offers some of the world's best casinos. So when it came to creating our online casino, we made sure that ours exceeded expectations.

And our players tell us that it does. We have close to 140 online casino games available for playing 24/7. They're all accessible through our downloadable app, or through our Instant Play feature where no download is required.

The Best Promotions For USA Casino Players

Whether you're a new USA casino player just getting your feet wet or a VIP who has been with Cool Cat for years, you'll find the best USA casino promotions at Cool Cat. Check out this week's offer below, or visit our Promotions page to see what else is in store—just for USA players like you!

What the community has to say about us

"I can spend all day playing video slots :) ... Great bonus and customer service is really nice and helpful.. Cool Cat is the best casino around!! Thanks so much..."

- Ramona Payne

"Coolcat is one of the most trusted online casinos i enjoy playing. From its RTG software, to its slots bonus-its fun all around"

- Roberto El Precioso Maisonet