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Online casinos have taken the Internet by storm. Whether you’re a newbie trying to get in on the action or a longtime online gambler looking for a reliable source of information about an online casino, is one viable option. Don’t let the name of the site fool you. It’s not an online casino. Rather, it’s a unique, interactive site that provides in-depth information about today’s most popular online casinos, online games, gambling tips and tricks and much more. The most unique thing about is that it rewards users with points that can be cashed in for real money, and there are lots of ways to earn points. Still, is right for you? Learn about what it has to offer in this review.


What is

Based on the name of the site, it’s easy to assume that it’s yet another online casino. These days, it feels like a new online casino pops up every 24 hours or so. However, is unlike any other site out there at the moment. If you’re looking for online games, you’ll find a variety of free ones here. The site acts as a portal by linking users to free, U.S.-friendly games around the Internet. More importantly, though, is like a social networking and advice site for online gaming fans. The rich community features allow online gamers like you to connect, swap tips and to earn money along the way.



You technically don’t have to register to use However, without registering, you won’t be able to earn points. Registering unlocks many other features as well. For instance, it allows you to become a full-fledged member of the community, so you can post questions and answers, contribute to forum discussions and otherwise interact with fellow members.

Fortunately, registration is easy. You’ll notice some fields have asterisks, which means the information is required. These include your email address, first name and gender. You must also select a username and a password. Optional fields include a biography, the country where you reside and a place where you can upload a photo. Although the photo is optional, it’s a nice way to get a more personalized experience on the site.



Chances are that most people who arrive at are drawn there by its reviews of online casinos. Indeed, the site is constantly on the lookout for new online casinos, and administrators quickly check them out and post reviews. If you’ve tried pinpointing U.S.-friendly online casinos with little or no success, you’ll find to be a godsend in this regard. Reviews are organized alphabetically by casino name. A leader board handily ranks all of the reviewed online casinos based on their overall quality. The top 10 online casinos are laid out in a convenient chart that includes the year the site was established, software/platform, first bonus, total bonus and payout. A link to the actual review of the site is included too, allowing you to quickly see what each one is all about.

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Free Games

When the mood strikes to play an online casino game, you probably want to click your way there quickly and without having to deal with registration and other hassles. By having an account on, you gain access to an array of free online games from U.S.-friendly websites. From table games to video slots, you can take your pick from a wide range of options. After selecting a game, you can either click over to the host site to play it, or you can download it to your PC and play it from there. All of the games have been vetted by, so you can save a lot of time.


Q & A

Finding advice about online casinos can be tricky. seeks to make things easier with a Questions and Answers section. Although the site is still fairly new, it’s already loaded with questions and answers that have been posted by members. Topics generally revolve around online gambling, but some are specific to the site itself. As you browse through the existing questions, you’ll see that most have been answered. Some have long discussions that are very interesting too. A search function lets you pinpoint specific information. Questions are also sorted by category for your convenience. As long as you’re registered and logged in to the site, you can post a question whenever you’d like.



The user forums at are fairly active. Since the site is still so new, odds are that they will become even more active over time. At the moment, there are plenty of discussions happening at any given moment. The forum is organized into categories, including one for suggesting new slots games, one for general suggestions/improvements and a general discussion area. Further down the page, you will find a list of topics that are currently active. This is a great way to see how others are faring with their online casino adventures, and the forums also allow you to share your expertise with others. Contributing to an existing thread is easy, and starting your own is too.


Lottery rewards users who are active on the site by allowing them to earn points. Points can be redeemed for actual cash, but they can also be used to join a weekly lottery. At the moment, you need 500 points to enter. The prize for winning is 100,000 points, so it’s a pretty solid trade-off. 1,000 points is equal to $10, so you stand to make a nice pile of cash if you are lucky enough to win the lottery.

Weekly Drawing

Another way to cash in while using is by entering its weekly drawing. Originally, you could win $5,000. Now, the top prize is $2,500. The requirements are simple enough. First, you must be a registered member of the site. Next, you must have either a PayPal or Skrill account, in order to receive your winnings. Finally, you must have at least 1,000 points. As a result, you can’t enter the weekly drawing right away, which is a little disappointing. On the other hand, it’s a great incentive to be active on the site. It looks like they sometimes select more than one winner per week too, so your odds of cashing in are pretty high.


Earning Money

Other than winning the lottery or the weekly drawing, how can you earn money through There are tons of ways to do so, and they all revolve around accumulating points that can later be cashed in for deposits via PayPal or Skrilla/Moneybookers. The minimum payout is 5,000 points, or $50, and it’s easy to reach that point when you take advantage of the different ways to acquire points. For instance, you can earn 150 points for every person you refer and who later registers for the site. If you have a knack for writing, you can earn 100 points for every blog post you create. After registering, verify your account to earn 250 points. Simply logging in to the site earns you 25 points, and you earn one point for every page you visit. In other words, points add up quickly.



As mentioned previously, you must have at least 5,000 points to request a payout. Other than that, though, the process is pretty straightforward. As long as you have provided information about your PayPal or Skrill account, you can request a payout at any time. The funds will then be deposited into your account. The only way this would be an issue is if you can’t get a PayPal or Skrill account for some reason. Of course, you need an account like that to use just about any online casino, so going without one is out of the question.


Pros and Cons

In an effort to make this review as unbiased as possible, we’ll quickly highlight the top advantages and disadvantages of

In terms of pros, the site offers a wealth of information about online casinos. The knowledge base is extensive and includes a Q&A area and forums where you can share tips and tricks with other users. Earning points is easy, and there are tons of ways to do so. Redeeming them for cash is also a snap. Finally, we really like how the site pulls together the best games from the most popular, U.S.-friendly online casinos.

The downsides to aren’t very major. People who can’t get PayPal or Skrill accounts will be out of luck, so it would be nice if they’d add a few more payout options. The user interface is a little confusing, but it appears the site is being upgraded constantly, so this shouldn’t be an issue for very long. Finally, the forums aren’t quite as active as we’d like, but that is also likely to change as more people become members.


The Bottom Line fills a gaping void that online gamers have been requesting to be filled for a long time. Designed as a one-stop online casino comparison shop, it sweetens the deal by allowing members to interact on forums and by earning points they can redeem for cash. Although still in its infancy, is sure to keep growing and evolving until it’s the number-one online resource for everything related to online casinos and gaming.